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What is UK Grime?!?! ユーケーグライームって何でしょう?!

3 Nov

grimeWhat is UK Grime?! This is a question that my friend asked me the other day. My Japanese friend and I were talking about Japanese and English music and he wanted to know about unique English music, so I said “Do you know about Grime?”. UK Grime was really popular in the early 2000’s and it was like a mix of UK garage, drum and bass, hip-hop and dancehall. To be honest, Grime is kinda dead now lol. Well not completely dead but it definitely is not as popular as it was back in the day. I remember when after school, boys used to gather in groups and start spitting lyrics like the boys in this video. They were so creative in their lyrics. It’s a shame that Grime is not as popular as it was then. Anyway, to all those people around the world who do not know what UK Grime is, here is a video showing you exactly what it is! Enjoy! Also JME is rocking that Domo T-shirt! Haha!


Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジーより xxx


Nesha “What’s It Gonna Be?” – Old Skool UK Garage!!! 懐かしい~~~

22 Jan

NeshaI really do like UK Garage music! Especially 90’s Garage music. There is a 1990’s album that my sister bought called “Twice As Nice in Ayia Napa: Mixed By DJ Spoony“, and on this album is a song called “What’s It Gonna Be?” sung by an artist called Nesha. I love this song!!! I remember my sister playing this song and then instantly loving it! I have always tried to find the music video on YouTube but could never find it however I managed to finally find it the other day! Check out the remix (Which is on the album); but if you want to hear the original version then check out the music video! I prefer the remix to the original version. If you like UK Garage then check out the “Twice As Nice in Ayia Napa: Mixed By DJ Spoony” album! Very good album I must say!

私はイギリスのガレージ音楽がめっちゃ好きです!特に1990年代のガレージ音楽が好きです。私のお姉さんは「Twice As Nice in Ayia Napa: Mixed By DJ Spoony」という1990年代のアルバムを買って「What’s It Gonna Be?」という曲が入っています。この曲が大好きです。歌手は「ニーシャー」です。お姉さんがこの曲を流して私は急にこの曲が好きになってきたことを覚えています。前にユーチューブではミュージックビデオを探そうとしましたが、全然見つけられないな~。でも、こないだ探してみてやっと見つけました!曲のリミックスがアルバムに入っていますが、もしオリジナルバージョンを聞きたいなら、ミュージックビデオを見て下さいね!リミックスのほうがオリジナルより好きですけど。。。もしイギリスのガレージ音楽が好きなら、「Twice As Nice in Ayia Napa: Mixed By DJ Spoony」というアルバムを聞いてみてくださいね。とってもいいアルバムですからね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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