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Tokyo Oct 2013: Odaiba Date, Gundam and Fuji TV!!! (Part 6/8) HD 「字幕付き」

28 Apr


This time, I had a date in Odaiba with my friend Maa chan! It was so fun and we got to see the massive Gundam! We also did Purikura and went to the Fuji TV gift shop! Please watch!

今回はお台場でまあちゃんとデートしました!ちょ~楽しかったですよ。デカイガンダムを見たりプリクラをしたりフジテレビのギフトショップに行ったりしました~!<3 是非ともご覧下さい!


With Love, Dezzy xxx

Tokyo, Oct 2013: Shibuya! Walkabout, Shibuya 109, Teaching Japanese! (5/8) HD 字幕

4 Mar


Hey all! Soooo sorry for not uploading a video! I had problems with my laptop since like the beginning of the year however all is OK and I can now finally continue making videos! Check out the new video!

Lots of Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Tokyo Oct 2013: Harajuku: Harajuku Doori; Meiji Jingu & Izakaya! HD (4/8)

30 Dec


This is the next video about my trip to Tokyo! I hope you enjoy!

Lots of love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Tokyo Oct 2013! Harajuku: Takeshita Doori, Bin Bin Power & Monjayaki! HD (3/8)

11 Dec


Here is the next video about my trip to Tokyo! Please enjoy! Thanks!


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Love, Miss Dezzy, 愛を込めて、デッジより

Tokyo October 2013! Ikebukuro: Sanrio, Sunshine City & Izakaya!!! HD (2/8)

2 Dec

Hey all, here is another video about my trip to Tokyo! Hope you all enjoy! Please look forward to the next video!

Love, Miss Dezzy.

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Tokyo October 2013!!! Arrival & Hotel Metropolitan Tour!!! 東京2013年10月(1/8) HD

20 Nov

Hey all, so I was in Japan in October 2013, and I will be making videos about some of the things I did on my trip. Here is part 1/8 Tokyo trip 2013. WATCH IN HD!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

Tokyo, Japan 2013!!! 東京から帰って来たぜ~~~!!!

28 Oct

Hey Guys!!! Sorry for not posting anything on my blog recently. I have been very busy plus I just came back from Japan last week! I am in the midst of making a video/videos about it so please look forward to it!!!


愛を込めて、デッジより Lots of love, Miss Dezzy xxx

ハローキティ Hello Kitty Store, 池袋、東京 Ikebukuro, Tokyo!!!

22 Sep
Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved2013

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

I love Hello Kitty!!!!!!! Just love it! In Ikebukuro there is a Sanrio store full of Hello Kitty stuff! Like a Hello Kitty heaven! The store is located near Sunshine City and you can buy almost anything Hello Kitty related: clothes, stationary anything. It’s not exactly cheap, but it is a good place to go for all things Hello Kitty so if you are ever in Ikebukuro then see if you can go!

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved


愛を込めて、デッジより~ Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Hyper Japan 2013!!! ハイパージャパン2013年7月27日!!! HD 「字幕付き」

6 Aug


My friend and I went to Hyper Japan 2013 this July. Hyper Japan is a cultural event all about Japanese culture. It was really fun and we had a good time! If you are coming to London next year then please see if you can try and go to Hyper Japan 2014! Enjoy!


愛を込めて、デッジより~ Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

可愛いカボッション&デコ Cute Cabochons & Deco!!! 「字幕付き」HD

7 May


Hey everyone! Check out some of my cabochons and also some of the things I decorated and made! I will be having a new shipment of cabochons arriving soon so I’ll be making a video about that when it arrives! When my cabochons arrive, all will be available to purchase!!! I love everyone in the world and so I will sell all my cabochons at reasonable prices! LOL!!! HAHA! By the way, I decided to completely decorate my iPhone case! lol. I think it looks beautiful! I thought it looked beautiful before but I prefer how it looks now! Check out the pics! Also, if you want me to decorate anything for you then let me know!

よー!皆様!うちが作ったアクセサリーとかデコったものを皆に見せたいと思っています。うちが持っているカボッションも見せたいですから、このビデオを作っていました。もうすぐカボッションのシップメントが届きますから、届いたらすぐにビデオを作ります。カボッションが届いたら全てを売りに出しますから、全て買ってくださいね!世界中の人が大好きですから、世界中の人の為に手ごろな値段で全てのカボッションをう売りに出します!(笑)www 因みに、アイフォンケースを完全にデコることにしました(笑)。今のアイフォンケースが綺麗だと思います。前のケースも綺麗だと思いましたが、今のケースの方がいいと思います!写真を撮ってブログに付けときましたから、是非ともご覧下さいね。あ!もし何かデコって欲しいんだったら、声をかけてくださいね!喜んでデコりますからな。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

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