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BoA 보아 – Comeback Performance of “Only One” & “The Shadow”!!!

29 Jul

BoA is back!!! BoA has returned to the music scene and released the music video “Only One”. To celebrate her comeback she performed this new song on “Inkigayo Comeback Stage”. She also performed her new song “The Shadow”. Both songs are included on her new Korean album “Only One” which has just been released! Check out the performances and check out the music video! In the video, BoA’s dancing is good! As usual! haha! BoA was actually the first Korean artist which I heard! When I discovered her music, I also discovered over Korean artists!

ボアがカムバックした!ボアがミュージックシーンにカムバックして、「Only One」のミュージックビデオをリリースした。カムバックを祝って、「Inkigayo Comeback Stage」に出演して、ボアが新曲「Only One」を歌って演技した!「The Shadow]も歌って演技した。この2曲が最新のアルバム「Only One」には入る。パフォーマンスを見てね!ミュージックビデオも見てねー!ビデオだとボアのダンスが上手!相変わらず!(笑)韓国の音楽と来たら、はじめて聞いたのはボアの音楽だった。ボアの音楽を発見した時にほかの韓国のアーティストも発見した!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

SHINee releases new Mini-album “SHERLOCK”!!!

19 Mar

SHINee‘s latest album “SHERLOCK” has just been released!!! I still haven’t listened to all of the album, but I have heard this track! It’s not bad! I do like the beat but there are times when I think that the beat is a little repetitive, however, it’s a good track! I do also think that the beat is a little similar to Michael Jackson’s earlier music!!! However, I look forward to hearing the whole album! For now, please listen to “Clue

SHINeeの最新のアルバムが発売されたばかりだ!全てのアルバムまだ聴いてないけどさ、このトラック聴いたよ!悪くないよ!ビートが好きだけど、ビートがちょっとワンパターンだと思うことがあるけどさ、いいトラックだよ!このビートがMichael Jacksonの前の音楽にちょっと似てると思うわぁ!しかし、全てのアルバム聴くのを楽しみにしてる!「Clue」っていう曲聞いてね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


SHINee シャイニー – Teaser PV – “Sherlock”

15 Mar


Korean boy band SHINee, are to release their album “Sherlock” on March 19th as a digital download, and then as a physical album on March 21st! For now, here is the short PV!!! Enjoy!!! これは「Sherlock」っていうプロモーションビデオだよ!見てね!どうぞ!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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