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London Tour Part 3: Piccadilly Circus – Fortnum & Mason フォータムアンドメーソン!!! HD「字幕付き」

10 Sep


Teresa and I went to luxury department store in London “Fortnum & Mason”. It really is a beautiful store so for all you Londoners or people visiting London then be sure to check it out!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx


London Tour Part 2: Piccadilly Circus – Minamoto Kitchoan 源吉兆庵、ロンドン。「字幕付き」

24 Jun


This is the second part of my London tour! My friend and I visited a Japanese wagashi bakery called “Minamoto Kitchoan”. If any of you live in London and like traditional Japanese sweets then I recommend this bakery. However it’s very pricey though…Enjoy! xxx

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Who Wants To Buy Cute Japanese Goods? 私が私が!

6 Feb
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


When I discovered a store which sells cute things, I said inside of my head “In order to find more stores where I can buy cute things, I wonder if I should explore this arcade…” I eventually decided and transformed into an explorer! 🙂 I then dashed through the arcade in the pursuit of cute things! lol

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

店に入った時に、製品の可愛さは自分の心を突き通してたみたいだ!ちょっと劇的だよね。。。まぁ。。。いいじゃん!笑。ここでは可愛いものがいっぱい買える!バックとか、通学鞄とか、腕時計とか、ジュエリーとか、キーホルダーとか。。。いろいろ買えるから、全て書き出せないのよ!笑!見ての通り、トトロの製品も買える!すーーーべての製品を見た時に、素晴らしい光景に呆然としてたよ!夢中だった!笑!あぁ、そうだ!「Tell The Time In Style!!!」っていう記事覚えてくれる??あの物凄く格好いい腕時計はね、この店で買ったさ~!兎に角、行って行って!「Trocadero」っていうアーケードを通り抜け、この店を見損なうわけがない!:)

When I entered this store, it was like the cuteness had penetrated my heart! LOL Okay, that’s a little dramatic right?…Well…It doesn’t matter!! Haha!! You can buy a lot at this place! Bags, school bags, watches, jewelry, key rings…because you can buy a lot, I cannot list them all! As you can see, you can also buy Totoro products! When I saw all the products, I stood aghast at the wonderful sight!!! I was in a daze!!! Ah, do you remember my article “Tell The Time In Style“?? You know, I bought that earth-shatteringly cool watch from here!! Anyway, please go there!!! Pass through “Trocadero” arcade, and it is impossible to miss this store!!!

Location「位置」 – Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus, London.

Love, Miss Dezzy x

Japan Centre ジャパンセンター Sushi 寿司!!!

23 Jan
Copyright © Japaneze Jusu 2012

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


The other day, because I felt like eating sushi, I went to the Japan Centre to buy some sushi!! There is a lot of variety here and so because of this, you can buy different kinds of sushi! The sushi which you can see is Makizushi. Chicken, Japanese pickled vegetables and lettuce was entered inside! When it comes to the taste, it was nice! All the flavours were not overbearing and It wasn’t against my taste buds! 🙂 Overall, it was really delicious! Apart from this, I also ate “Inarizushi”

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


This is Inarizushi! What is Inarizushi?? Inarizushi is rice which has been enveloped in sweet tofu. As far as I’m concerned, The tofu’s taste was delicious, it was sweet, and the sushi was plump! lol Even if I say it’s sweet, it wasn’t too sweet! I thought the sweetness was perfect! On top of that, almost all the sushi was cheap! When you look at the price you will probably say inside of your head “It is impossible to be this cheap!” haha lol 🙂

位置 (Location) – Piccadilly Circus, London.

Love, Miss Dezzy x

いつ!!!Itsu!!! Japanese Cafe/Restaurant!!!

13 Dec
Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu

食べ物のレポートの時間だ!!!今回は「いつ」っていう喫茶店/飲食店に行ったよ!いつはね、ロンドンには「いつ」っていう喫茶店/飲食店が多い!いろいろ建設されてた!だから、[Charing Cross]か[Piccadilly Circus]っていう地方に行ったら、こんな地方に行ったら、「いつ」っていう所が見つかるよ!

Okay, time for a food report!!! This time I went to the cafe/restaurant called “Itsu.” A lot of Itsu’s have been established in London and for this reason, if you go to Charing Cross or Piccadilly Circus, if you go to these kinds of areas, you are going to find an Itsu!

Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu

何食べたの??私ね、「Detox Seven Veg]っていうものを食べたよ!中にはいろいろ入った!いろいろ入ってた!例えばは、えーと、人参とか、萌やしとか、長葱とか、茸とか、豆腐とか。。。いろいろが入ってた!本当の味となると、これが私の個人的意見なのだが、残念ながら、汁がちょっと大味だと強く思ってた!頭の中で「いったいどこですか??味は?」って私が囁いた。。。ごめんね~~!でも、醤油を加えた時に、味が生まれた!(笑)。でもでも、汁が大味だと思ったからと言って、全ての一皿が大味だと思ったわけではないよ!野菜もさくさくしたし、豆腐もフワフワしたし。。。この様相が好きだった!概して言えば、この食べ物が結構好きだった。結構美味しかった!(笑)


So, what did I eat??? I ate a dish called “Detox Seven Veg”! A lot was entered in this dish! For example, carrots, beansprouts, Spring onions, mushrooms, tofu and more! When it comes to the actual flavour of the dish, this is my personal opinion, but unfortunately, I thought that the broth was a little tasteless. I whispered inside of my head “Where the hell is the flavour?” But then when I added soy sauce, flavour was born! lol! Just because I thought the broth was tasteless doesn’t mean I thought the whole dish was tasteless! The vegetables were crunchy and the tofu was soft which I loved!

All in all, I pretty much liked the dish. It was pretty delicious! lol

Nevertheless, there a lot of really delicious foods at Itsu! So go go!! Especially the frozen yoghurt! Super delicious!!! In addition, it’s low in calories!! haha!

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