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Hyper Japan 2013!!! ハイパージャパン2013年7月27日!!! HD 「字幕付き」

6 Aug


My friend and I went to Hyper Japan 2013 this July. Hyper Japan is a cultural event all about Japanese culture. It was really fun and we had a good time! If you are coming to London next year then please see if you can try and go to Hyper Japan 2014! Enjoy!


愛を込めて、デッジより~ Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Kou Shibasaki 柴咲コウ – “ANOTHER:WORLD” (アニメバージョン Anime Version)

17 Jun

The music video “ANOTHER:WORLD” has been released. However, because it has been 10 years since her music debut, as a 10 year anniversary music video, another video has been released! This time, Kou Shibasaki has transformed into an anime character!! Take a look at the video! Also, have a look at the original music video! I like Kou Shibasaki and I like all of her music including this song! haha!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


exist†trace – New PV “GINGER” ヴィジュアル系!!!

20 Apr

exist†trace are a Japanese visual-kei group and this is their newest song “GINGER” Their album “Virgin” is due for release on May 23rd so stay tuneeeeeeeeed! 🙂 I often listen to Japanese visual-kei music so was happy when I discovered exist†trace! The fact that a girl visual-kei band exists is a nice idea! I love the song!!! It’s really upbeat and catchy! I’m always singing the lyrics! haha! :) 私ね、日本のヴィジュアル系の音楽をたまに聞くよ!だからこそ、このバンドを発見した時に喜んでた!ギャールのヴィジュアル系のバンドが存在してるということは素敵な考えだねぇ!この曲が大好きなのだ!アップビートだし、キャッチーだし。。。歌詞を何時も歌ってる!(笑)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Hunter x Hunter ハンター×ハンター To Be Made Into A Film!!!

15 Mar

Popular anime “Hunter x Hunter ハンター×ハンター ” is to be made into an anime film!! It will feature an original story line!!! More information should be released soon! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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