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沖縄祭り, ロンドン 2012年. Okinawa Matsuri, London 2012!!!

12 Jul


Hey!!! I went to the festival “Okinawa Day 2012” in London with my Japanese friend! (You can see her in the video lol) It was really good!!! So, here is a short video about the festival!
With love, Miss Dezzy xxx

こんにちは~!日本人の友達と一緒に「Okinawa Day 2012」っていう祭りに行きました!ロンドンで催されました!(ビデオで友達が見えますよぉぉぉ~!笑)祭りはとっても良かったです!で、これは祭りについてショートビデオでーーーす!どうぞ!

Japanese Events, London – 日本のイベント、ロンドン!!!

22 Jun
  • Bon dance workshops and performance: Big Dance 2012 – 29th June

This is aimed for the older generation in Islington but those from other parts of London may attend also! There will be a traditional bon dance and the group will also hold  a workshop for the audience which will lead to a group performance including everyone! This project is a part of the biggest dance event in the UK “Big Dance 2012” and one of the highlights of the London 2012 Festival.

Big dance 2012

  • The Sumo Run, London– 23rd June, Battersea Park, London.

The Sumo Run is a 5km charity run in which participants dress up in inflatable sumo suits and run in order to raise money for the UK educational charity “Gemin-i”.

Sumo Run

  • Okinawa Day – 30th June, Spitalfields Market, London

Okinawa Day 2012 returns!!! I went to the last Okinawa festival and I really liked it! I went with my friend and she loved it too! It is an outdoor event and admission is free! There will be lots of food, arts and crafts, Taiko drumming, tourist information and more! I sure am looking forward to going to the event! 🙂

Okinawa Day 2012

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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