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Tokyo October 2013!!! Arrival & Hotel Metropolitan Tour!!! 東京2013年10月(1/8) HD

20 Nov

Hey all, so I was in Japan in October 2013, and I will be making videos about some of the things I did on my trip. Here is part 1/8 Tokyo trip 2013. WATCH IN HD!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

成田空港 Narita Airport! 成田!日本にまた行きたいんだもん~!

6 Feb
Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Narita airport is the airport that you will arrive at if you are on your way to good old Tokyo and other destinations (Unless you intend to go to Haneda Airport). Anyway, Narita is cool. There are lots of shops, cafes and restaurants so there is always something for you to do (and eat lol). From the stores you can buy luggage-related things; sweets; snacks; souvenirs and much more. The airport itself is unbelievably clean! Including the toilets! I loved the fact that the airport was so clean! At first I was shocked but then remembered “This is Japan! Almost everything here is clean!”. The staff who work at the airport are nice and are always willing to help you and depending on where you are staying, you can take the “Airport Limousine Bus” to your hotel! I stayed in Ikebukuro, and so from the airport to Ikebukuro took about 2 hours and cost around 3,000 yen. Yes, Narita Airport is just an airport but it is a clean and nice one. lol. People are friendly and there are a variety of stores!!! Enjoy Narita Airport! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

もし東京とかに行ってるなら、成田空港は到着する空港ですよ。(しかし、羽田空港に行くつもりなら、成田空港に到着しません)。とにかく、成田はクールな空港です。店とかカフェとかレストランとかがいっぱいありますので、いつも面白いです。荷物関係のものとかスナックとかお土産とかお菓子とかが買えますよ。空港自体は信じられないほど綺麗!トイレも!空港が凄く綺麗だったからそれが好き。最初はびっくりしたけど、「あ!ここが日本ですよね~。ほとんど全ての所が綺麗なんだよね~。」などと思い出しました。空港員は優しいし喜んで質問に答えるし。泊まるところによって「Airport Limousine Bus」に乗ってホテルまで行けます。私は池袋にあるホテルに泊まりましたから、空港から池袋まで3,000円して2時間ぐらいかかりました。はい、成田空港は確かに空港だけなんですが、綺麗で素敵な空港です。(笑)空港で働いてる人達は優しいし店もいっぱいあります。成田空港を楽しんで下さいよね~。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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