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Fantasia – “Without Me” I LOVEEE This Song!!!

22 Sep

fantasiaAlthough I constantly listen to american music, I hardly blog about it but I just have to blog about this song. This song is a TUNEEE! I LOVE this song oh my daze lol. My sister kept playing this song and I was like “What song is this?”. It was then that I found out it was Fantasia. I love this song. I really do. Fantasia’s voice is just amazing and I love it. Check out the live performance and the music video! Go Fantasia!!!


愛を込めて、デッジより~ Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


2NE1 – Live Concert In New York!!!

13 Dec

2NE1 are a highly popular South Korean girl group who are gradually gaining popularity in not only the UK, but also in the US! On the American show “MTV Iggy” the girls held a special performance for fans singing “Fire“; “Can’t Nobody“, “Lonely” and “I am the Best

Why have you still not come to London?? Everyone’s waiting! lol

2NE1っていうグループは大人気のグループだよ!2NE1は英国の青春にだんだん人気になってるだけではなく、アメリカの青春にも人気になってるよ!アメリカのファンのため、「MTV Iggy」っていうショーで演技されてた!


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