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Hyper Japan Xmas Market 2014! ハイパージャパンクリスマスマーケット2014年!

23 Nov

Hyper Japan Christmas Market was this month from the 14th – 16th. Hyper Japan is an event all about Japanese culture and as you know, at this event I was an exhibitor! At Hyper Japan Xmas Market 2014 I was selling all of my handmade items such as phone cases, mirrors and jewellery! It was my first time exhibiting and I was incredibly happy because it was a massive success 🙂 I will definitely be exhibiting at other events. I also have a lot of custom orders from clients so I am busy busy busy before Christmas. Just call me Santa! haha ❤ Go to my new site Suga Dust in order to see and buy all of my handmade and customised items! ❤ x


See more pictures on Suga Dust


Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Suga Dust at Hyper Japan Xmas 2014. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Suga Dust at Hyper Japan Xmas 2014. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Hyper Japan 2013!!! ハイパージャパン2013年7月27日!!! HD 「字幕付き」

6 Aug


My friend and I went to Hyper Japan 2013 this July. Hyper Japan is a cultural event all about Japanese culture. It was really fun and we had a good time! If you are coming to London next year then please see if you can try and go to Hyper Japan 2014! Enjoy!


愛を込めて、デッジより~ Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Hyper Japan Xmas 2012!!! ハイパージャパン2012年のクリスマス~~~!★ ☆ ★

3 Dec



I went to an event in London called “Hyper Japan Xmas 2012“! I went with three friends but only two of them appeared in the video lol. Anyway, here is the video! Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to click “Like” also subscribe to my Youtube channel! Haha! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japanese Events London 日本のイベント!!! ロンドン2012年!!!

29 Nov
  • Manga and Anime in Japanese! (9th December)

Read the popular manga “Bleach” in JAPANESE and take a copy home with you at the end! Also, watch the anime version in Japanese! You will increase and deepen your knowledge of Japanese manga and anime! This is aimed at upper beginners (JLPT N4). It will take place at the Japan Foundation!

Japan Foundation

  • Tomoyasu Hotei – Japanese rock guitar legend! (Dec 2012)

Tomoyasu Hotei is best known for the theme song “Battle Without Honor of Humanity” from Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”; and so if you would like the opportunity to see him in concert…you can!!! He will be performing at London’s Roundhouse this December!

bookingsdirect.com (Tomoyasu Hotei)

  • Flame and Water Pots! Prehistoric Ceramic Art! (Until 20th January 2013)

This is arguably a rare chance to see two magnificent prehistoric Japanese pots. Both pots have been excavated from the Iwanohara site in Nagaoka city; and are on rare loan from the Nagaoka Municipal Science Museum! You can gaze at both pots in the British Museum!

British Museum

  • Welcome Party for Tsunami Orphans! (18 Dec 2012)

Two girls will be welcomed from Japan – Kana (17) and Maria (11) – who both lost their parents and other members of their family in the tsunami. It has been planned that there will be a Japanese traditional dance and a Cosplay contest! Tickets are £10 and Advanced £8. For more details visit the site ne!

Aid in Japan

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

New Dragonball Z Anime!!! Teaser Released!!! OMG!!! lol

10 Aug

There is going to be a new Dragonball Z film released next year!!! OMG!!! When I heard this news I was soooo excited! I love Dragonball Z! I remember watching it when I was small with my twin! He was the one who always watched it and so when he watched it I also watched it with him! Thanks twin! Because of you I love Dragonball Z! lol Anyway, this film will be released on March 30th 2013 and it has been announced that Toriyama Akira will be involved in the script writing! Check out the teaser! I’m super waiting in anticipation for this!

来年に新しいドラゴンボールZの映画がリリースされる!!うわぁーーー!このニュースを聞いて本当に吃驚したわぁー!超わくわくしてる!あげぽよー!(笑)。子供頃双子と一緒にドラゴンボールZを見てたこと覚えてる!ずっと見てたのは彼だけど、彼が見てた同時に私も見てた!双子有難うー!君のお陰でドラゴンボールZが好きになってきました!大好きだ!(笑)兎に角ね、2013年3月30日にこの映画がリリースされます!鳥山 明は自分を映画の台本を書くことに巻き込むって発表されました!PVを見て下さいよねー!楽しみに待ってまーす!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Kou Shibasaki 柴咲コウ – “ANOTHER:WORLD” (アニメバージョン Anime Version)

17 Jun

The music video “ANOTHER:WORLD” has been released. However, because it has been 10 years since her music debut, as a 10 year anniversary music video, another video has been released! This time, Kou Shibasaki has transformed into an anime character!! Take a look at the video! Also, have a look at the original music video! I like Kou Shibasaki and I like all of her music including this song! haha!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Japan News – Shibuya Hikarie & DiverCity Tokyo Plaza!!! 新しいニュース!!!

20 Apr

Okay, so the first big news from Japan is the opening of the new complex “Shibuya Hikarie 渋谷ヒカリエ” which is a new complex opening in Shibuya which is reported to open around the end of this month and house business offices, event halls, shopping malls, food and much more!!! So if anyone is going to Tokyo this spring/summer, then be sure to check it out! Everyone likes something new right?! lol

Next, “The DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” has opened in Odaiba, Tokyo’s waterfront district! The plaza is an entertainment plaza where you experience all that is Gundam!!! As well as being given the chance to see the 16-metre Gundam statue!!! 見ての通り、ガンダムの彫像が凄いね!

This video was uploaded by SankeiNews!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Hunter x Hunter ハンター×ハンター To Be Made Into A Film!!!

15 Mar

Popular anime “Hunter x Hunter ハンター×ハンター ” is to be made into an anime film!! It will feature an original story line!!! More information should be released soon! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Japanese & Korean Events, London – Jan & Feb 2012 日本と韓国のイベント

26 Jan

Japanese Events 日本のイベント

– Hideki Noda – “The Bee” – 24th Jan – 11 Feb 2012 2012年1月24日ー2012年2月11日

Description of the Play: “What would you do if your wife and child were held hostage? When an ordinary office worker returns home to find his wife and child kidnapped, he’s drawn into a dark and dangerous game of revenge where manga comic-strip frenzy turns into an absurd and ferocious nightmare.”

Where – Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London, W1D 3NE

– DJ Krush (石 英明) – 20th Anniversary Tour – 28th Jan 2012 2012年1月28日

DJ Krush is a Japanese DJ and Producer in which he uses a lot of Jazz and Soul samples in his music! On this anniversary tour he celebrates his 20 years in music and he is considered a Japanese electronica legend!!!

Where – The HMV Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road  London NW5 1JY

– Films at The Embassy of Japan – “Always – Sunshine on Third Street 2” – 31st Jan 2012 2012年1月31日

Film info – “Set in 1959. Following the completion of Tokyo Tower a year before, Tokyo wins the race to host the 1964 Olympic Games and Japan is entering a period of rapid economic growth. A heartwarming story of the people living on the lively ‘Third Street’, which triggers nostalgia for the “Showa Era” of Japan.”

Where – The Embassy of Japan in the UK, 101 – 104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

– Hyper Japan 2012 – Feb 24th – 26th 2012 2012年2月24日ー2012年2月26日

The Japanese extravaganza event is back!!! Join all Japan-aholics at this major Japanese event where there will be live performances, cosplay events, lots of food, drink, sweets, snacks and you can also buy lots of cute sweet things from various stands at the event!! woo!! lol

Where – Brompton Hall at Earls Court, London.

Korean Events 韓国のイベント

– A New Space Around The Body: Emerging Korean Fashion Designers – 1st Feb – 28th Feb 2012 2012年2月1日ー2012年2月28日

This is an exhibition that explores a new generation of South Korean designers. All designers are graduates who have a lot of creative and interesting work to exhibit! One of the designers featuring is MINKY JAEMIN HA.

Where – Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5BW

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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