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BRIGHT – New PV preview “Kimi Ga Iru Kara – Kokoro No Tonari De キミがいるから~ココロのとなりで~

29 Dec

[BRIGHT]っていうポップグループの新曲が発売するよ!2月に発売する!でもね、今は2分ぐらいのプレビューが聞けるチャンスがあるよ!この曲の調子がちょっと遅いよ!「歌謡みたい。」好きかどうか。。。まだ決まってるけど…兎に角、「Dance With Us」っていう曲みたいの曲を作るように期待しよう!笑、この曲がすごく大好き!曲を聞くと踊りたいような気がする!聞く旅に!笑 だから、私を選ぶべきだよね!私が君たちと喜んで踊るぞ~!笑笑

Pop group “BRIGHT“, their new song is going to be released! It’s going to be released in February! But you know, now there is a chance in which you can listen to a 2 minute, or rather just over a 2 minute preview! This song’s rhythm is a little slow lol (like a ballad) Whether or not I like it is still to be decided…lol Anyway, let’s hope they make songs which are like their song “Dance With Us” lol I love this song! Whenever I listen to it I feel like I want to dance!! lol!  That is why you should choose me!! I’ll gladly dance with you!!! LOL 🙂

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