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Cupcake Boots!!! カップケーキのブーツ!!! え??? カップケーキ???

14 May
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


My short, cute report!! lol These are cupcake boots! When it was Christmas, my sister bought them for me! I threw away my battered old boots and so because of this I needed new boots! lol It was for this reason that when I saw these boots I was super happy! I have never seen boots which are like these! Especially because there is a cupcake design on them! However, because London’s weather is still bad, I seldom wear them…I don’t want the rain to touch it lol! It’s all the weather’s fault! lol! This rotten stinking weather! LOL! I’m eagerly waiting until the weather changes! I want the sun’s rays to bless my skin! LOOL 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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