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Crucial Star 크루셜스타 – “Flat Shoes” ft Lovey!!!

14 Nov

CRUCIAL STAR!!!!!!!!! I love Crucial Star!! His latest album “Fall” is due to be released on November 27th! So I look forward to listening to that! Woot woot! Here is the MV for his latest single “Flat Shoes” which is included on the album. It is more like performance footage than an actual MV but nevertheless it is still good! I think it’s funny how the audience seem to be all females! haha! If you like Crucial Star then take a look!

Crucial Starが大好きーーーーー!「Fall」は最新のアルバムで今月の27日に発売される予定があるんですから、聴くのを楽しみにしていまーす。やっほー!これは「Flat Shoes」というミュージックビデオでこの曲がアルバムには入っています。これはミュージックビデオと言うよりは、パフォーマンスのフィルムに近いと思いますけど、それでも、いいビデオです。群衆と来たら、ほとんど全ての人は女性みたいだから面白いと思う~。(笑)Crucial Starが好きなら、このビデオを見てみてなー!:)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


SISTAR 씨스타 – New Album & MV “Alone 나혼자”

11 Apr



SISTAR are back with a new album and MV “Alone“. I haven’t even listened to the whole album but I do like SISTAR and I do like their music. Therefore it is for this reason that I think that I am also going to like their new album! haha! I have watched the video! The result…I like it! I like their clothes and the theme of the video! I also like the song! It’s quite catchy! I may even start singing the songs lyrics!!! haha

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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