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Miura Daichi 三浦大知 “I’m On Fire” – New Single & Album!!!

3 Nov

miura daichiMiura Daichi is set to release a new album on November 20th “The Entertainer“. WOOOOOO!!! I am so excited! I love Miura Daichi haha! I wanna see him live!! Anyway, here is his latest single “I’m on Fire” which I really like. The song is catchy, he looks good and his dancing is on point as usual. Miura Daichi is so sick he should be more famous than he is! haha! I am waiting for November 20th! hehe

三浦大知のニューアルバム「The Entertainer」が20日11月に発売されます。よかった!!!!ちょ~わくわくしています!三浦大知がすごい大好き彼のライブを見に行きたいなぁ~w とにかく、これが新曲「I’m On Fire」です。この曲がめっちゃ好きです。曲もキャッチーだし三浦大も格好いいし踊りも上手いよ。三浦大知がやばいです!もっと有名になればいいのに。20日11月を待っています!ははは

Love, Miss Dezzy コイを込めて、デッジーより xxx

三浦大知 Miura Daichi “GO FOR IT” – New Japanese Single!!! うちの才能のあるハズバンドなの!あららら!笑w

24 Jun

miura daiApart from Koda Kumi, I sooooo LOVE Miura Daichi! He is my husband LOL! Miura Daichi is soooo talented! He can dance, he can sing! He can do everything! Haha! I love talented people! I have listened to all of Muira Daichi’s music and I love it! This is his latest single “GO FOR IT” which I obviously also love. The beat is great and it is so catchy! I just wanna dance to this beat lol. I always look forward to new music from Miura Daichi. Have a listen to his new track! GO FOR IT! lol

倖田 來未以外には三浦大知がちょーーー大好きなんだ!彼はうちのハズバンドやで。笑 三浦大知がほんとうに才能のある男なの。ダンスも歌いも上手いよ。何でもできるみたいや。才能のある人が大好き!三浦大知の曲を全部聞いて大好きになった。これは彼の最新の曲「GO FOR IT」だ。この曲が大好きでビートが素晴らしくキャッチーだよ。この曲に合わせて踊りたいんだもん~。笑。三浦大知からの曲をいつも楽しみにしています。「GO FOR IT」っていう新曲を是非聴いてごらん。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


クリスタルケイ Crystal Kay “Baby Cop” Ft. Mummy-D – Japanese Pop!!!

3 Feb

crysCrystal kay is a Japanese singer! I am a fan of CK! lol. I was listening to her 2005 album “Crystal Style” the other day, and listened to the song “Baby Cop“. I remembered just how much I liked this song and so when I asked some of my Japanese and English friends (who are also CK fans) if they know this song, they all said “No!” lol. So I thought that I would share it with you all! Enjoy and dance to the energetic beat! haha

クリスタルケイは日本人の歌手ですよ。私はファンです。w こないだ、CKの2005年のアルバム「クリスタルスタイル」を流して「ベビーコップ」という曲を聞きました。この曲をどんなに好いたことを覚えてました!日本人とイギリス人の友達に「この曲を知っていますか?」と聞いたら皆が「いいえ知りません!」と答えました。だから、皆にこの曲をシェアーしようと思っています。楽しんでこの活気的なビートに合わせて踊ってくださいね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

DOUBLE “Call Me” – Old Skool Japanese RnB~~~ ★★

3 Nov

DOUBLE is a Japanese RnB artist. I was so happy when I discovered her! DOUBLE is a really good RnB artist who makes really good and catchy music but I don’t think that she is very famous in Japan. She did collaborate with Namie Amuro for the song “Black Diamond” but I still think that she is not so well known. “Call Me” was the first song which I heard and when I heard this song, I started to have an interest in her music. Although she released her latest album “Woman” last year, I don’t think that she has released anything since……Anyway check out the song “Call Me”!!!

DOUBLEは日本出身のRnB歌手。発見して嬉しかったわ!DOUBLEはとってもいいRnBのアーティストだよ。キャッチーでいい音楽いつも作ってるけど、日本ではそんなに有名じゃないと思う。「Black Diamond」のため安室 奈美恵とコラボしたのに、DOUBLEはまだ有名じゃないと思う。「Call Me」ははじめて聞いた曲だ。聞いたら、DOUBLEの音楽に興味生まれた。昨年に「Woman」というアルバムリリースしたのに、あの時から何もリリースしてないと思う。。。とにかく、「Call Me」見てみてー!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


フォクシーミスク FOXXI MISQ “X.B.F” – Japanese RnB~~~ ❤❤

26 Oct

Foxxi Misq were a really cool Japanese RnB trio!!! Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2010 and they are no longer active; but I thought that I would write about them because they really were a great RnB group! They made good music, their videos were good and they had really good style. They have often been thought of as the Japanese Destiny’s Child! haha! Just like Hiromi, I think that this group were not so famous in Japan which is a shame because they were a really good group! Check out their song “X.B.F“!.


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

♫ Hiromi 宏実 “I’m With You” – Japanese RnB!!! ♫ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

8 Oct

Hiromi is a cool Japanese artist who I like! She always makes good music! Whenever I say to my Japanese friends “I like a singer called Hiromi“; they always say “What? Hiromi? Who is she? I have no idea!” lol. I don’t think Hiromi is famous in Japan, but I think that she should be! Her music is not only good, but it is catchy as well! When I go to Japan, it would be cool to see her live! This is her song “I’m With You“. Her album is called “Rainbow“Enjoy!   (o⌒.⌒o)

宏実は日本人の歌手でーす。私の好き歌手。宏実がクールだと思います!(笑)日本人の友達全員に「宏実という歌手が好きだ」って言う旅に、友達が「え?宏実?誰?残念ながら知らないよ!」って何時も答えてる!(笑)。宏実は日本で有名だと思わんけど、有名になればいいのに!!!宏実の音楽がキャッチーだけではなく、いいと思います!日本に行ったら、宏実のライブを見に行きたいなぁ~!じゃあぁ、これは宏実の曲「I’m With You」。アルバムは「Rainbow」。聞いてね!どうーぞ~!  (o⌒.⌒o)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Miho Fukuhara 福原 美穂 To Collaborate With Miura Daichi 三浦大知!!!

11 Apr

Miho Fukuhara 福原 美穂 is to collaborate with Miura Daichi 三浦大知!!! There are many Japanese artists who I like but I especially love Miura Daichi!! He is my secret love!! LOL! Both of their vocals are really powerful so when they sing together, I have no doubt that a great sound will escape!! lol! The song is called “Dream On” and it scheduled to be released on May 16th!!! Can’t wait to hear it!!!

福原 美穂三浦大知とコラボするのだ!好きな日本人のアーティストが多いけど、特に三浦大知が大好きなのだ!彼は私の秘密の恋!冗談だよ!(大笑)二人ともの歌声が強力だから、一緒に歌う時は、素晴らしい音が零れるに違いない!(笑)曲名は「Dream On」だよ。5月16日に発売される予定がありま~す!聞くまで待てないの!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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