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Hyper Japan London July 27th 2013!!! ハイパージャパン、ロンドン。2013年7月27日!!!

30 Jul

hyper japanHyper Japan is an event that happens every year once or twice a year and it is about…Japan. lol. I always go and this year I went with my friend! The event was really good. There were people dressed in cosplay, girls dressed in sweet lolita fashion, men dressed as women (okaaaay….) lol and much more. There were also performances at the event such as a performance from Siro-A which was amazing, as well as a cosplay competition. The expensive food was also delicious but I thought it was a tad expensive. E.g. a shop in the event was selling drinks for nearly £3…£3! Now either they’re crazy or I’m crazy but one thing I know is that those prices were crazy! lol. I intend to upload a video about the event so stay tuned!


Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

Japanese Events, London – 日本のイベント、ロンドン!!!

22 Jun
  • Bon dance workshops and performance: Big Dance 2012 – 29th June

This is aimed for the older generation in Islington but those from other parts of London may attend also! There will be a traditional bon dance and the group will also hold  a workshop for the audience which will lead to a group performance including everyone! This project is a part of the biggest dance event in the UK “Big Dance 2012” and one of the highlights of the London 2012 Festival.

Big dance 2012

  • The Sumo Run, London– 23rd June, Battersea Park, London.

The Sumo Run is a 5km charity run in which participants dress up in inflatable sumo suits and run in order to raise money for the UK educational charity “Gemin-i”.

Sumo Run

  • Okinawa Day – 30th June, Spitalfields Market, London

Okinawa Day 2012 returns!!! I went to the last Okinawa festival and I really liked it! I went with my friend and she loved it too! It is an outdoor event and admission is free! There will be lots of food, arts and crafts, Taiko drumming, tourist information and more! I sure am looking forward to going to the event! 🙂

Okinawa Day 2012

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japanese Events in London 日本のイベント、ロンドン。2012年3月!!!

10 Mar

Bunkasai (Fundraising Event) – 11th March

On stage: Japanese Traditional Dance, Tea Ceremony, Music with Shamisen and Taiko, Kimono Fashion Show, Cosplay show, Martial Arts & Budo plus much more!!!

Tickets are about £5!!!


Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami – 11th-13th March

‘Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ series, features twenty seven paintings, inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese and western haiku!!!


3.11 A Sense of Home (Film Screening) – 12th March

This is a series of films all 3 minutes and 11 seconds concerning the theme of “home”. This is by award-winning director Naomi Kawase!


Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming Piano Recital 2012 – 24th March

Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming- Japanese pianist – will be performing works by great composers such as Chopin and Liz!!

Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming

Japanese from scratch: Let’s eat Japanese food!!! – 28th March

This is a new Japanese language and culture workshop aimed at those who are interested in learning Japanese but haven’t started yet, or those who have just started learning this wonderful language!!! You learn many things in this workshop such as how to use chopsticks correctly!

The Japan Foundation, 6th Floor, Russell Square House, 10-12 Russell Square, London WC1B 5EH

Yayoi Kusama 草間 彌生 – Until 5th June

Yayoi Kusama 草間 彌生 is truly a unique Japanese artist! She is known for using a lot of dot patterns in her work!! I have actually been to see this exhibition!! I went with my Japanese mother!! hehe!! This exhibition was incredibly interesting!! A must see!! I won’t say anymore as so not to spoil it!!! So go and see it while it is still on!!!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japanese & Korean Events, London – Jan & Feb 2012 日本と韓国のイベント

26 Jan

Japanese Events 日本のイベント

– Hideki Noda – “The Bee” – 24th Jan – 11 Feb 2012 2012年1月24日ー2012年2月11日

Description of the Play: “What would you do if your wife and child were held hostage? When an ordinary office worker returns home to find his wife and child kidnapped, he’s drawn into a dark and dangerous game of revenge where manga comic-strip frenzy turns into an absurd and ferocious nightmare.”

Where – Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London, W1D 3NE

– DJ Krush (石 英明) – 20th Anniversary Tour – 28th Jan 2012 2012年1月28日

DJ Krush is a Japanese DJ and Producer in which he uses a lot of Jazz and Soul samples in his music! On this anniversary tour he celebrates his 20 years in music and he is considered a Japanese electronica legend!!!

Where – The HMV Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road  London NW5 1JY

– Films at The Embassy of Japan – “Always – Sunshine on Third Street 2” – 31st Jan 2012 2012年1月31日

Film info – “Set in 1959. Following the completion of Tokyo Tower a year before, Tokyo wins the race to host the 1964 Olympic Games and Japan is entering a period of rapid economic growth. A heartwarming story of the people living on the lively ‘Third Street’, which triggers nostalgia for the “Showa Era” of Japan.”

Where – The Embassy of Japan in the UK, 101 – 104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

– Hyper Japan 2012 – Feb 24th – 26th 2012 2012年2月24日ー2012年2月26日

The Japanese extravaganza event is back!!! Join all Japan-aholics at this major Japanese event where there will be live performances, cosplay events, lots of food, drink, sweets, snacks and you can also buy lots of cute sweet things from various stands at the event!! woo!! lol

Where – Brompton Hall at Earls Court, London.

Korean Events 韓国のイベント

– A New Space Around The Body: Emerging Korean Fashion Designers – 1st Feb – 28th Feb 2012 2012年2月1日ー2012年2月28日

This is an exhibition that explores a new generation of South Korean designers. All designers are graduates who have a lot of creative and interesting work to exhibit! One of the designers featuring is MINKY JAEMIN HA.

Where – Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5BW

Love, Miss Dezzy x

Events Dec 2011 イベント12月2011年

16 Dec

Winter Wonderland 2011

Winter Wonderland 2011 is an extravaganza of all things christmasy! lol Here, there is always a Christmas food market where you can also buy crafts; there is food and drink stalls and there is also an array of fun fair rides that you can go on as well as an ice skating rink, a giant observation wheel and much more! Winter Wonderland takes place at Hyde Park, London until the 3rd January 2012!

Winter Wonderland 2011


Lost In Lace

20 international artists explore the relationship between textiles and space through a series of dramatic site-sensitive installations! Japanese artists at this exhibition will include Ai Matsumoto and many more! This event takes place at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and ends 19th February 2012.

Lost In Lace

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