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Koda Kumi 倖田來未 “Dreaming Now!” – New Single!!!

3 Nov

dreamKoda Kumi‘s new single “Dreaming Now!” is set to be released on her birthday – November 13th! Here is a PV of the music video. I love Koda Kumi, but I don’t really know whether or not I like the song. It’s OK lol. Maybe it’ll grow on me the more I listen to it. I still have to admit I prefer her older stuff than her newer stuff. Anyway the dancing is good as always and she looks great! Take a look!

倖田來未の誕生日13日11月にニューシングル「Dreaming Now!」が発売されます!これがPVです。倖田來未がすごく大好きなんだけど、この曲が好きかどうかわかりません。この曲がまあまあです(笑)。多分聞けば聞くほど好きになってきます。まあ、正直に話せば前の音楽の方が今の音楽より好きです。とにかく、倖田來未の踊りもいつも通り上手いし可愛いし。PVを見てみてね!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジーより

倖田 來未 Koda Kumi Gives Birth!!!

18 Jul

「倖田 來未が男の子を出産した」って発表されました!わぁーーー!それに、倖田 來未は11月に「KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~」っていうツアーに出かける予定がある!倖田 來未さん!おめでとう御座います!

It has been announced that Koda Kumi has given birth to a baby boy!!! Wooo! In addition, she is now scheduled to hold her tour “KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~” in November!! Congratulations Koda Kumi!!! (^3^)—!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx



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