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Tokyo Oct 2013: Odaiba Date, Gundam and Fuji TV!!! (Part 6/8) HD 「字幕付き」

28 Apr


This time, I had a date in Odaiba with my friend Maa chan! It was so fun and we got to see the massive Gundam! We also did Purikura and went to the Fuji TV gift shop! Please watch!

今回はお台場でまあちゃんとデートしました!ちょ~楽しかったですよ。デカイガンダムを見たりプリクラをしたりフジテレビのギフトショップに行ったりしました~!<3 是非ともご覧下さい!


With Love, Dezzy xxx

Japan News – Shibuya Hikarie & DiverCity Tokyo Plaza!!! 新しいニュース!!!

20 Apr

Okay, so the first big news from Japan is the opening of the new complex “Shibuya Hikarie 渋谷ヒカリエ” which is a new complex opening in Shibuya which is reported to open around the end of this month and house business offices, event halls, shopping malls, food and much more!!! So if anyone is going to Tokyo this spring/summer, then be sure to check it out! Everyone likes something new right?! lol

Next, “The DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” has opened in Odaiba, Tokyo’s waterfront district! The plaza is an entertainment plaza where you experience all that is Gundam!!! As well as being given the chance to see the 16-metre Gundam statue!!! 見ての通り、ガンダムの彫像が凄いね!

This video was uploaded by SankeiNews!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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