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GENERATIONS ジェネレーションズ (EXILE TRIBE) – “Hot Shot” Short MV!!!

22 Sep

generationsGENERATIONS are basically like the younger version of EXILE lol. Like Exile, they can dance and their music videos are always bright and colourful. One of the members is also half-black! Woo! LOL. So, this is their latest song “Hot Shot”. Check it out!

ジェネレーションズは基本的にエグザイルみたいだけど若いバージョンだよww エグザイルみたいにダンスも上手いしミュージックビデオもカラフルだよ。しかも、一人のメンバーは黒人のハーフだよ!うわぁ~!凄い!笑 さて、これが新曲「ホットショット」ですよぉぉ~。チェックして下さい!

愛を込めて、デッジより~ Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

ジェネレーションズ GENERATIONS “BRAVE IT OUT” – New MV!!! ~~~♬♬

22 Oct

Generations are a 7 member boy group who will be making a debut this November on the 21st! Their debut single will be the song “BRAVE IT OUT“. This group remind me of EXILE. They are like a young EXILE. I like EXILE and I think they are great dancers, their style is great and their music videos are amazing. Just like EXILE, Generations are also awesome dancers, and their video is really good! As a debut song I think it’s a success! Plus, I really like it! I think it’s catchy!

ジェネレーションズは7人組のボーイバンドだよ。この11月の21日にデビューする。「BRAVE IT OUT」はデビューシングルになる。このグループは私にEXILEを思い出させる。若いEXILEみたいや。EXILEが好きでダンスも素晴らしいし、スタイルも素晴らしいし、ミュージックビデオも凄いと思う。EXILEみたいにジェネレーションズもダンスが素晴らしい。ビデオも本当にいい!デビューソングとして成功だと思う!それに、めっちゃ好きだ!曲が。キャッチーだと思う。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

EXILE – New MV – “All Night Long”

22 May

EXILE have released their new MV for their song “All Night Long“. I LOVE the video!!! As usual, EXILE never fail to impress with their impressive videos and stunning visuals! A lot of detail and effort has gone into making this video and I do truly like it! It reminds me of a video game…kinda like “Dynasty Warriors” or something like that! haha Enjoy!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

BENI – Covers EXILE’s Song “Ti Amo”!!!

10 Mar

BENIは3月21日に「COVERS」っていうアルバムを発売するよ!BENIは男性の歌手が歌った曲をカバーする!元々はTi Amoていう曲はEXILEによって歌われたけど、これはBENIのバージョンだよ!英語版だよ!聞いてね!どうぞ!

BENI is going to release her album “COVERS” on March 21st. BENI covers songs which male singers sang! The song, “Ti Amo” had originally been sung by EXILE, but this is BENI’s version! This is her English language version!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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