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Long Time No See!!! 久しぶり!!!

3 Feb

Hey everyone!!

Long time no see! I am so sorry for not posting anything in a while! (><). A part from being MAJOR busy, ever since the end of December my laptop has started to act funny and it is not working! NOOOOO! Therefore I have sent it away to be repaired. It is taking much longer than expected HOWEVER, I hope to be reunited with my laptop around mid February or around the end of February…either way I expect it to be returned to me sometime this month! So pleaseeeee wait a little bit longer!!!!

When I get my laptop back I will upload more YouTube videos as well as being able to update my blog. For the meantime I am using my sister’s computer but she doesn’t have Japanese installed on it hence why I am solely writing in English lol. I will see if I can install Japanese so that when I next write a post I can write in both Japanese and English…as usual lol.

Again, I apologize for not blogging in a while…I will resume my blogging activities and upload more YouTube videos as soon as I get my laptop back! Everyone, pray that my laptop gets better and returns to me sooooooon! lol 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Emeli Sandé “My Kind of Love” – New Future UK Release!!!

1 Jun

Emeli Sande is a British singer and this is her latest single “My Kind of Love” will be released in the UK on June 10th!!! Emeli Sande possesses an amazing voice! In addition, I think this song is really good!! It’s really catchy! See if you can listen to it!!!

Emeli Sandeはイギリス人の歌手だよ!「My Kind of Love」っていう最新のシングルが6月10日にイギリスでは発売されるよ!Emeli Sandeは素晴らしい歌声持ってるのだ!それに、この曲がとーーーってもいいと思う!非常にキャッチーだよ!聞いてみてね!どうぞ!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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