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クリスタルケイ Crystal Kay “Baby Cop” Ft. Mummy-D – Japanese Pop!!!

3 Feb

crysCrystal kay is a Japanese singer! I am a fan of CK! lol. I was listening to her 2005 album “Crystal Style” the other day, and listened to the song “Baby Cop“. I remembered just how much I liked this song and so when I asked some of my Japanese and English friends (who are also CK fans) if they know this song, they all said “No!” lol. So I thought that I would share it with you all! Enjoy and dance to the energetic beat! haha

クリスタルケイは日本人の歌手ですよ。私はファンです。w こないだ、CKの2005年のアルバム「クリスタルスタイル」を流して「ベビーコップ」という曲を聞きました。この曲をどんなに好いたことを覚えてました!日本人とイギリス人の友達に「この曲を知っていますか?」と聞いたら皆が「いいえ知りません!」と答えました。だから、皆にこの曲をシェアーしようと思っています。楽しんでこの活気的なビートに合わせて踊ってくださいね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Far East Movement Ft. Crystal Kay クリスタルケイ “Where The Wild Things Are” – New Single!!!

1 Jun

Massively popular band “Far East Movement” have collaborated with Crystal Kay in order to produce the song “Where The Wild Things Are“. I really like Crystal Kay and so I was excited when I heard this song! I really do like the song! It is upbeat and it makes you dance to the beat! Crystal looks beautiful as always and the Far East Movement look cool! lol. This is a 1 minute preview! Can’t wait until the video is released!

Where The Wild Things Are」っていう曲の制作のために「Far East Movement」っていう大人気のバンドはクリスタルケイとコラボしたのだ!クリスタルケイが凄く好きだから、曲を聞いたらわくわくしてた!曲がアップビートだから、ビートに合わせて躍らせるよ!クリスタルケイは綺麗そうだよな!相変わらず!Far East Movementは格好いいよね!(笑)これは1分続くプレビューだよ!ミュージックビデオがリリスーされるまで待てないの!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Crystal Kay クリスタルケイ – MV Preview – “Delicious na Kinyoubi デリシャスな金曜日”

16 Feb

Crystal Kay has released her MV preview to her upcoming new single “Delcious na Kinyoubi デリシャスな金曜日”. She looks good in the video, I love the makeup and clothes and the colour used in the video! So I’m looking forward to seeing the full video!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

Crystal Kay クリスタルケイ – Announces New Single & Tour!!!

29 Jan

Crystal Kay クリスタルケイhas announced that she will be releasing her new single on March 14th! It will feature her brand new songs “Delicious na Kinyoubi” and “Haru Arashi“ and she will be also holding a live tour called “Crystal Cafe 2012” in March in Japan!!! I wish I were in Japan to go see her live!!! Maybe I can fly there…First I have to master how to fly and then I’ll fly there!!! LOL! I have to be careful of the birds…and of the planes! haha!


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