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Crucial Star “Drawing #2: A Better Man” – New Album!!! 오빠, 사랑해!!! lol

3 Nov

crucial stCrucial Star is going to make a comeback to the Korean Hip Hop music scene this year with his newest album “Drawing #2: A Better Man“. This is the followup to his album “Drawing #1: A Dream Spokesman” which was a really good album. There was a track on the album called “Under Rapper” which I cannot seem to find on YouTube or anywhere so that I can upload it. That song is a TUNE! lol. I played it to one of my friends and they said “This isn’t Korean, this is Usher!” haha! However, seeing as I can’t seem to find the track, here is a different track of Crucial Star’s called “Chocoholic“. I love this song and I love Crucial! Haha! I look forward to listening to the new album!

Crucial Starは今年韓国のヒップホップシーンに復帰します!よかったー!最新のアルバム「Drawing #2: A Better Man」が発売されます。前にものすごくいいアルバム「Drawing #1: A Dream Spokesman」が発売された。だから、今年のアルバムは次のアルバムです。Drawing #1: A Dream Spokesmanには「Under Rapper」っていう大好きな曲が入ってるからアップしたいんですが、ユーチューブとかで全然見つけられません。友達にこの曲を聞かせたら、友達が「え?この人、韓国人じゃないよ。Usherでしょ?」ってww しかし、その曲見つけれないから、違う曲アップしました。「Chocoholic」っていう曲アップしましたから聞いてみ!この曲とCrucial Starが大すき!!!最新のアルバム聞くのを楽しみにしています!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~。

GRAY 그레이 – “I Forgot 깜빡” Ft. Zion.T & Crucial Star – New Single!!!

18 May

Grayの新曲が発売されたばかりだ!GrayはZion.TとCrucial Starとコラボしたのだ!こんなことはもう知ってるかもしれないけど、私はZion.Tのナンバーワンファンだよ!!!!(笑)歌声が大ーーー好き!彼の歌声はチョコレートのようにすべすべしてるのだ!(大笑)Zion.Tが凄く大好きなのだ!彼のライブに行けばいいのになあぁ。。。(笑)それに、Crucial Starも大好きだ!彼のラップが大好きだ!彼のラップはバターのようにすべすべしてる!韓国のラッパーが全員大好きなのだ!兎に角、この曲を聞け!(笑)ビートも大好きだし、全て大好きだ!Zion.Tを知らんなら、「Click Me」っていう曲を是非とも聞いてね!

Gray has just released his new single “I forgot” in which he collaborated with Zion.T and Crucial Star! You probably already know this but I am such a MASSIVE FAN of Zion.T!!! I love his voice!! His voice is silky like chocolate! LOL! I love him soooo much!! I wish I could see him in concert! lol In addition, I also love Crucial star!!!! I love his rapping! His rap is smooth like butter! lol I love ALL Korean rappers! lol Anyway, listen to the song! I love the beat and everything else! If you don’t know who Zion.T is then check out his song “Click me” Please listen by all means!!!!! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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