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Tokyo Trip – Hotel Metropolitan ホテルメトロポリタン!!! (Part 3 of 3)

19 May
Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved

Hotel Metropolitan has various restaurants inside; for example, Chinese and Japanese restaurants. Some of the restaurants are quite high-end; well, I thought they were quite expensive. Anyway, as well as there being a variety of restaurants, there is also a breakfast buffet serving continental breakfast. The buffet restaurant was full of food and it was so delicious lol. The breakfast wasn’t free. You had to pay to enter. I think it was about 2,000 yen which was about £14…Yeah, pricey I know, but the breakfast was really great and I know that you will like it! So, if you plan on going to Tokyo, I think that Hotel Metropolitan is a wonderful hotel!

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights ReservedJusu

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved


Love, 愛を込めて、Miss Dezzy xxx



Golden Gate Cake Shop!!! 美味しい~!!! 本間に!!!

16 Apr
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

これは色々なケーキが買えるケーキ屋だよ!まぁ、それは当たり前でしょう?(笑)ここでさぁ、小さなケーキも買えるし、大きなケーキも買えるし、 色々買えるよ!私ね、健康に絶えず気をつけてるから、一回しか行ったことはない!(笑)でも、ほとんどのケーキが安いから、ここが好きだ!はいはいは~い!「安い」って私が言ったよ!(笑)もし大きなケー キを1個買ったら、値段が1ポンドー1ポンド50ペンスぐらいかなぁ。。。そんなに高くないよねぇ!

Okay, so this is a cake shop in which you can buy various cakes! Well that’s obvious right?! lol. So here, you can buy small cakes and big cakes and all different cakes! I’m a health fanatic, so I haven’t been any more than once! lol. However, all the cakes here are cheap, and so I like this place! Yes, I said “Cheap”!! lol. If you wanted to buy a large piece of cake, the price is around £1-£1.50p. This kind of price is not that expensive!!

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

然し然し、もしここに入ったら、気をつけてね!(笑)も し貴方方が「何で?」って思ってたら、私が説明しま~す!ケーキが超美味しく、安いから、皆に大人気があると思う!だからこそ、何時も凄く込んでるよ!然も、ここが狭いのだ。。。ここが狭いから、込んでる時は巧みに操るのはちっとも楽しくないよ!戦争みたいで、皆が右往左往するみたいだから!(笑)でもさぁ、込んでない時は巧みに操ることに問題があると思わない。 兎に角ね、もし人込みを避けることが出来たら、このケーキ屋に行ってね~!人込みを避けることが出来なくても、人込みに巻き込まれるチャンスがあっても、このケーキ屋に行ってね~!美味しいケーキ がいっぱいあるから~!(笑)

However however, if you enter this place, be careful! lol. If you’re thinking, “Why?”, then I will explain! The cakes here are super delicious and cheap, and so because of this, I think it is massively popular amongst everyone! It is for this reason that it’s always amazingly crowded! Furthermore, this place is small; so when it’s crowded, it’s not at all fun maneuvering! It’s like a war and it’s like everyone is going this way and that way and moving about in confusion! However, when it isn’t crowded, I don’t think that there is a problem! Anyway, if you can avoid the crowd of people, then go to this cake shop! Even if you can’t avoid the crowds, even if there is a chance that you are going to be swallowed by the crowds, then still go! It’s full of delicious cake! lol 🙂

Location(位置) – China town, London

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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