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BRIGHT “BRIGHT BEST” – Best of Album New Future Release!!!

29 Jul

4 member pop group “BRIGHT” are going to release their new best of album “BRIGHT BEST” on August 22nd!!! Wooo! lol. They are going to make this album by including their music over the years since their debut in the year 2008! In addition, the newest song “Forever” ft. Yuya Matsushita and the music video for “Koigokoro” will also be included in the album! I really like this group! They make catchy music, they make good music, and I like their energy! Check out “Forever”!

4人組ポップグループBRIGHTの最新のアルバム「BRIGHT BEST」が8月22日に発売される!2008年デビュー以来、多年の音楽を含めて、アルバムを作る!それに、アルバムには新曲[Forever feat.松下優也]と「恋心」のミュージックビデオも入る!このグループが凄く好きだ!キャッチーな音楽も作るし、いい音楽も作るし、グループの活気も好きだ!「Forever]のビデオを見てね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


BRIGHT – To Release New Self-Titled Album!!!

22 Feb

Japanese pop group “BRIGHT” are to release a new album on March 21st 2012!!! 12 songs will be included on the album!! For example their latest singles “Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~“, “BAD GIRL!!” and “LOVE ~Aru Ai no Katachi” will also be included on the album! I am looking forward to the album!!! Here is their PV “Bad Girl“!!

BRIGHTの最新のアルバムが2012年3月21日に発売する!!12曲が入ってる!例えばは、アルバムには“Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~“, “BAD GIRL!!” と “LOVE ~Aru Ai no Katachi“っていう曲が入ってるよ。アルバム楽しみにしてる!!これはBRIGHTのPVや!”BAD GIRL!!“っていうPVだ!見てね!どうぞ!!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

BRIGHT – New PV preview “Kimi Ga Iru Kara – Kokoro No Tonari De キミがいるから~ココロのとなりで~

29 Dec

[BRIGHT]っていうポップグループの新曲が発売するよ!2月に発売する!でもね、今は2分ぐらいのプレビューが聞けるチャンスがあるよ!この曲の調子がちょっと遅いよ!「歌謡みたい。」好きかどうか。。。まだ決まってるけど…兎に角、「Dance With Us」っていう曲みたいの曲を作るように期待しよう!笑、この曲がすごく大好き!曲を聞くと踊りたいような気がする!聞く旅に!笑 だから、私を選ぶべきだよね!私が君たちと喜んで踊るぞ~!笑笑

Pop group “BRIGHT“, their new song is going to be released! It’s going to be released in February! But you know, now there is a chance in which you can listen to a 2 minute, or rather just over a 2 minute preview! This song’s rhythm is a little slow lol (like a ballad) Whether or not I like it is still to be decided…lol Anyway, let’s hope they make songs which are like their song “Dance With Us” lol I love this song! Whenever I listen to it I feel like I want to dance!! lol!  That is why you should choose me!! I’ll gladly dance with you!!! LOL 🙂

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