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YoondaeJang 윤대장 – New MV “Fine”

1 Apr

fineYoondaeJang is a Korean rapper and this is his latest song “Fine“. I really do like this song and as the song title says, yes you are “Fine” Mr. YoondaeJang! LOL. The music video is simple and nice. I like it! Check it out!


Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより  xxx

Sean.K – New Mixtape “Blue Age” Korean RnB!!!

10 Mar

blueSean.K is a Korean RnB singer and is not well known in Korea (I don’t think); but he has a new mixtape out which is really good called “Blue Age“. I love almost all of the tracks on the album! I really like the track “Workin’ For“. This song is a little bit repetitive, but I still love it! Long live RnB music! Long live Korean RnB!! lol

Sean.Kは韓国人のRNBシンガーですが、韓国ではそんなに有名ではない。。。と思います。それでも、新しく凄くいいミックステープがリリースされました。「Blue Age」っていうミックステープです。ほとんど全ての曲が大好きですよ。例えばは「 Workin’ For」がとっても好きです。この曲はちょっと繰り返し型ですが、まだ大好きです。RnB万歳!韓国のRnB万歳!笑

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

DoK2 도끼 – New MV – “Best Time (In Our Life)”

16 Feb

韓国人のラッパーに関しては、私が聞くのはDoK2の音楽のこどだ!(でも、違うラッパーをフォローするよ 笑。) 兎に角ね、さっき「今月にDoK2の最新のアルバムが発売する」って私が言ったこと覚えてる?これは「Best Time (In Our Life)」っていう曲は最新の曲だ。ビートも遅いし、この曲を聞くと私がリラックスすることを思い描く~!笑。ビデオではZion.T, BeenzinoThe Quiettが見える!彼らは大人気のラッパーだ。大好きだよ!笑。


When it comes to Korean rappers, it is DoK2’s music that I listen to! (But I do follow other rappers lol) Anyway, do you remember me saying some time ago that his new album is going to be released this month??? Well this is his latest song “Best Time (In Our Life)” The beat is slow and when I listen to this song I picture myself relaxing! lol In the video you can see Zion.T, Beenzino & The Quiett who are also popular rappers/singers who I love! haha!

Looking forward to the album!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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