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Nine Muses 나인뮤지스 – New MV – “Ticket”

7 Mar

The new music video “Ticket” has just been released! This song will be included on Nine Muses’s latest album “Sweet Rendezvous” which will be released 8th March 2012!!! Check out the song!!! I think the song is very catchy so if you think “Why did I suddenly start singing this song’s lyrics?” It’s because the song is catchy!! It’s the songs fault! lol 🙂

チケット」っていう最新のミュージックのビデオがリリースされた!この曲が「Sweet Rendezvous」っていうNine Musesの最新のアルバムには入ってる!2012年3月8日に発売する!この曲がめちゃキャッチーだと思う。だからこそ、もし「何でこの曲の歌詞を急に歌い始まったの?」って思ったら、この曲がキャッチーだからねぇ!曲の所為で!(笑)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

U-KISS 유키스 – New Japanese MV for “Tick Tack”

7 Dec

U-Kiss – popular Korean boy band – have released their song “Tick Tack” in Japanese! The song is OK but catchy lol The beat is very club techno-y lol so I guess it’s a good club song! I’ll probably end up singing the lyrics sooner or later!! It is catchy! lol

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