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Damage – “Ghetto Romance” Old Skool UK RnB music!!! この曲が大好きだもん~!!!

25 Aug

damageDamage were a British five member boy band who were really popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. It is a shame that they have now disbanded but when they were making music, they were making good music lol. “Ghetto Romance” is a TUNEEE! lol. I was going through my iPod when I found this song. I forgot that I even had it on my iPod lol. Anyway I listened to this song again and remembered just how much I really like it. So if any of you would like to know some old skool British RnB music, check this group out!

Damageはイギリス出身の5人組のボーイバンドでした。1990年代後から2000年代前まで大人気でした。残念なのはこのバンドが解散されたことですが、音楽を作った時にいい音楽を作りました(笑)。「Ghetto Romance」がやばい曲です!(笑)アイポッドをざっと調べたらこの曲が見つかりました。アイポッドには入ってることを忘れました。とにかく、この曲を久しぶりに聞いて「マジで好きだな~」と思いました。だから、もしイギリスの昔のRnBを聞きたい人がいるんだったら、このバンドをチェックして下さいね!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx


1 English Girl & 1 Korean Guy at the…Okinawa Festival 2013!!! 沖縄祭り2013年「字幕付き」 HD

8 Jul


My Korean friend and I went to the Okinawa festival at the end of June! Hope you enjoy it lol! Watch in HD!!!
韓国人の友達とうちは沖縄祭りに遊びに行きました!祭りは6月の終わりにあったよ。楽しんで見てね!w ハイデフィ二ションで見てね!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

Summer Has Arrived! Well…Kind Of lol 夏がやっと来たのや!まあ、ちょっと来たで(笑)

9 Jun

Summer has finally arrived everyone! Wooo! Do you remember my last post when I complaining about Spring not arriving? Well now I’m going to write about Summer. Summer has arrived in London..well kind of. You see this is the thing yeah, this week London was kinda cold but at the same time it was also hot. Thursday was the day when out of the blue the sun decided not to hide behind the clouds anymore and to break free from its chains! It then blessed all of us with its sun rays. That day was sooo hot! It was nice I tell you. However, when Friday arrived, first of all it rained in the morning. Then even though the rain stopped, it was just cold. This weekend wasn’t that warm either…hmm…it was a little bit cold and a little bit windy. Only a little bit. Even so, like what the hell?! Last time I checked my calendar, I could’ve sworn it’s now June..but yet it..is..not…hot…all…the…time. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that London is always cold because we have definitely had some hot days this month; but these hot days have not been consistent now have they. Let’s just hope that when Summer COMPLETELY arrives that it stays for a long time.

Meh, it’s London innit.

So I’m not surprised in the least bit that the weather changes so much LOL.



Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Rouge “Don’t Be Shy” – UK South-Asian Music!!! 懐かしい~!(笑)

14 Apr

rougeさて、もし友達がうちのこと知ってるなら、ずっと前からインドの文化に超~~~はまってたことが分かっているはずですけど。今でも深い興味を持っていますよ。(笑)ずっと持っています。インドの文化が大好---き!11歳の時ぐらいから興味が生まれましたよ。(笑)インドで作られた音楽を聞くだけではなく、こっちで作られたインドの音楽も聞いていますよ。こっちではね、インドのグループとか南アジアのグループとかが少ないなぁ~。でも、Rougeは南アジアの3人組のグループでしたよ。もう解散してましたが、結構いいグループでしたよ。キャッチーでポップソングを作りましたので、いいグループだと思いました。これはデビューシングル「Don’t Be Shy」ですよ。この曲は2005年にリリースされましたから、古いですが、いい曲だと思います。2005年の時に学校ではこの曲を聞いたことを覚えています。曲に暮れてて大きな声で歌ってました。けど、歌ってる間先生が教室に入ることに気づかなくて、うちが歌ってるのをふと聞いて「デスティニ!一体何歌ってんのよー?!」って先生が真面目に聞いてた。結局先生に叱られました!!!!(笑)www。曲楽しんで下さいね!

Well, if my friends know me, then I expect that they know that from a long long time ago I have been into Indian culture! Like super into it lol. Even now I still have a deep interest! I will always have an interest because I love Indian culture! From when I was about 11 years old my interest in Indian culture was born lol. Anyway, not only do I listen to music which has been made in India, but I also listen to Indian music which has been created here. You know, there isn’t many Indian or South-Asian groups here, but Rouge were a South-Asian 3 member girl group. They have now disbanded but I thought that they were a pretty good group. This is their debut single “Don’t Be Shy“. This song was released in the year 2005! It is an old song but I think it’s good! I remember listening to this song at school in the year 2005. I was lost in the song and would just sing the lyrics in a loud voice! However when I was singing, what I didn’t notice was the teacher entering the classroom! My teacher overheard me singing and asked me in a serious voice “Destiny, what in the world are you singing?!”. In the end I was told off! LOL hahahaha! Enjoy the song!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

London Tour Part 1: Piccadilly Circus – Mitsukoshi, London. 三越、ロンドン。「字幕」

8 Apr


Piccadilly Circus is a very popular area in London! It is popular amongst tourists and English people! I wanted to show everyone Mitsukoshi department store so my friend and I went to the store! There is also a Mitsukoshi in Japan, but this is London’s Mitsukoshi! Enjoy! WATCH IN HD!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めてデッジより~。xxx

PULP!!! Cool & Unique Store! 見に行ってみてな~!

19 Mar
Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

PULP is a clothing and accessories store in Stratford’s Westfield. For those of you who do not know what Westfield’s is, Westfield’s is a massive shopping centre in Stratford and there is also one in Shepherd’s Bush. At this store, you can buy high heels, clothes, accessories, bags…various unique items! It really is a cool store so I do encourage everyone to go and have and look if you are ever in London and if you have some free time! What attracted me to this store was the fact that as I was passing by, I happened to see some Japanese-y items and so I thought “I wonder if I should go and have a look?…”. Japanese-y items constantly attract my attention, and so I knew that I had to enter this store! The prices are…OK lol. By OK, I mean the prices aren’t cheap but they aren’t expensive either. Prices vary here depending on what you want to buy; and some things are about £15 and others about £70 I think. Nevertheless, go and have a look!

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Jamelia “Money” – Old Skool UK RnB!!! 懐かしい~!

18 Feb

jameliaJamelia is a UK RnB singer! I was listening to Jamelia’s music the other day and remembered this song “Money” ft. Beenie Man (Jamaican artist). Money is a TUNE!!! I love this song and I love the Jamaican vibe in this song also! Jamaica banzai! LOL! This song was released in the year 2000, and I remember listening to this song when I was in primary school. lol. I really love this song and seeing as most of my Japanese friends want to know more UK artists, I thought I would share with you all Jamelia’s music! Enjoy!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Amplify Dot “Get Down” – UK Music!!!

13 Jan


Amplify Dot, is an English rapper! She is a Londoner! lol. This is her song “Get Down“. I really like this song! The beat is good, the song is catchy…basically, I think that it’s a good song! I also think the video is good. It’s simple, but nice. Furthermore, I also like the various colourful images used. I can dance to this song all the time! lol. Ah! When the video finishes, I wanna hear the last song! lol

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Bluey Robinson “Showgirl” (Acoustic Version) – Cool British RNB~~~♫♫

26 Oct

Bluey Robinson is a COOL British (London) RnB singer!!! I LOVE his voice!!! I meant to write about him ages ago but then forgot lol. So I am writing about him now lol. This is his song “Showgirl” which I LOVE!!! I love the original version but I love the acoustic version more because his voice is soooo beautiful! I hope he becomes a superstar because his voice is amazing! I would love to see him live! Wooo! UK! haha! His album is called “The Late Shift“.

Bluey Robinsonはロンドン出身でクールなRNBの歌手だよ。彼の歌声が大好~き!彼について書くつもりだったけど、忘れちゃった!笑。だから、今彼について書いていまーす!笑。これは彼の曲「ショーッギャール」だよ。好き好き好き!オリジナルバーションが好きだけど、アコースティックバーションの方が好き!彼の歌声が超綺麗だからね!彼がスーパースターになればいいのに。歌声素晴らしいし。彼のライブに行きたいなぁ。。。きゃあぁ~!イギリス万歳!笑。彼のアルバムは「The Late Shift」だよ。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japaneze Jusu!!! Cool Shops: Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shop!!! お菓子屋!!!

10 Aug


Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shop is a cool shop in London where you can buy various different sweets and chocolates including retro sweets! I love sweets and so because I thought this shop is unique and cool, I decided to report about it! If you are in London, check it out! You can find the address for this sweet shop here!

Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shopはロンドンにあるクールなお菓子屋です。ここでは色々なお菓子とチョコレートが買えますよ。レトロのお菓子も買えます!私はお菓子が大好きですよ!だからね、このお菓子屋がユニークでクールだと思いましたから、このお菓子屋について報告しました!もしロンドンに来たら、もしロンドンにいるなら、このお菓子屋に行ってくださいよね!私のウェブサイトでお菓子屋の住所が見つけれますよ!

Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shop – 57a Brewer Street, London, W1F 9UL, Tel: 0333 123 2345

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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