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Miss A 미쓰에이 “I Don’t Need A Man” – MV & Latest Performance~~~☆☆

26 Oct

Miss A have just performed their latest single “I Don’t Need A Man” on Music Triangle!!! I thought the performance was nice and upbeat but I really like the song and music video! The video is really bright and colourful, plus I love the boots that the girls are wearing! haha! Those black boots! lol. Also I like the childish beat and the song is REALLY catchy! Really it is! Especially the chorus! Check out the MV and the latest performance!!!

Miss Aは「Music Triangle」という音楽番組に出演して新曲「I Don’t Need A Man」を歌って演技したばかりなのだ!パフォーマンスが素敵でアップビートだと思ってたけど、曲とミュージックビデオが超好きだ!ビデオがとっても明るいし、カラフルだよ。それに、Miss Aが履いてるブーツが超好きだ!その黒いブーツ!笑。子供っぽいビートが好きで曲自体は本当にキャッチーだと思う!本当本当!特にコーラスだよ。MVと最新のパフォーマンスをチェックしてね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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