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Is Japanese Hard??? 日本語の勉強。。。難しい???

13 Jan



The question “Is studying Japanese hard?”, is a question which dwells in the hearts of almost everybody lol. Well, It’s not just Japanese, but I think that learning any foreign language is probably difficult. However, the more you study a language, the easier it becomes. If you study seriously, then it is not that difficult. If you want to study a foreign language, then you have to dedicate yourself to studying, and you really have to concentrate on your studies! Having done that, you will then be able to learn any foreign language. So basically, yes the general view is that learning Japanese is difficult, but whether or not it’s difficult I think depends on your attitude to your Japanese studies. If you think it’s difficult, then it’s difficult. If you think it’s not difficult, then it’s not.

Simple. lol.

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Easy Japanezy!!! ばかりに Bakari ni!!! 「字幕」

8 Nov


Hey everyone!!! Here is another new Japanese lesson for you! Check it out! Today we learn “Bakari ni ばかりに”. If you wanna know how to make the formation then read below! Don’t forget to subscribe and click Facebook Like!!! 宜しくね。

ばかりに Bakari ni formation ->

  • V informal past +ばかりに

飲んだばかりに (Just because someone drank…)

  • i Adj informal +ばかりに

難し+い/かったばかりに (Just because something is/was difficult…)

  • na Adj +ばかりに

綺麗+な/だったばかりに (Just because something is/was beautiful…)

  • Noun+ばかりに

医者+である/であったばかりに (Just because someone is/was a doctor…)

If you have any questions, send me an email!!!!!! もし質問があったら私にメールして下さいね!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Easy Japanezy!!! 易しい日本語!!! どんなに。。。ことか!!! Oh how…is!!!

22 Jun



Hey everyone!! Let’s learn some more Japanese!!!! Because I am teaching you Japanese, I am speaking 90% in English! It’s like I am speaking in English all the time! LOL! Enjoy today’s lesson! Please watch! Please send me an email if you have any questions!! Japanese and English is OK!!!

Watch my other videos ne! lol

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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