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Easy Japanezy 易しい日本語 : かなあ Kana!!! 「字幕」

28 May


Hey all! Here is another quick Japanese lesson for you! In this lesson, I teach how to use “Kana”!

As explained in the video, Kana can be used when you are wondering about things such as “I wonder what day of the week it is” and “I wonder if he is going to drink that” etc. For example:

Verb informal + kana:

彼が話すかなあ – I wonder if he is going to speak…

お母さんがテレビを見るかなあ – I wonder if my mum is going to watch television…

However, Kana can also be used in relation to yourself when you are thinking about what you should do…For example, what you should wear, what you should eat, what you should drink, what you should watch.

Verb volitional form + Kana

これを飲もうかなあ。。。 – I wonder if I should drink this…

それを食べようかなあ。。。- I wonder if I should eat that…

そこに座ろうかなあ。。。 – I wonder if I should sit there…

It’s all pretty simple really! I hope you understood that and now know how to use Kana!! Any questions send me an email!! ❤ ❤

Love, Destiny Rose xxx

Easy Japanezy 易しい日本語!!! くらいなら方がましだ 「字幕」

2 Mar


Hey everyone! Here is the newest Japanese lesson for you! In order to find out how to use this grammatical structure then please see below!

As you all know, くらいなら方がましだ(Kurai nara houga mashi da)means “I would rather…than…”.

Here is the formation:

Verb informal non-past before くらいなら

Verb informal past before 方がましだ。

For example —> 納豆を食べるくらいなら、豆腐を食べた方がましだ。 I would rather eat Tofu than eat Natto.

Another example —> ロシアに住むくらいなら、ロンドンに住んだ方がましだ。I would rather live in London than live in Russia.

You get the drift! lol. Btw, you don’t have to use the same verb before くらいなら and 方がましだ. The verb you use will change or stay the same depending on what you want to say in each part of the sentence!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

みんなの日本語初級2聴解タスク25!!! Minna no Nihongo 2 Listening Practice!!!

30 Jan



Hey everyone! This is a follow up video to my previous video “Minna no Nihongo 1 Listening Practice”. This book is still aimed at beginners, but it is aimed at the more advanced beginner. Please enjoy the review! The book is pricey but please buy it as it is useful!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Is Japanese Hard??? 日本語の勉強。。。難しい???

13 Jan



The question “Is studying Japanese hard?”, is a question which dwells in the hearts of almost everybody lol. Well, It’s not just Japanese, but I think that learning any foreign language is probably difficult. However, the more you study a language, the easier it becomes. If you study seriously, then it is not that difficult. If you want to study a foreign language, then you have to dedicate yourself to studying, and you really have to concentrate on your studies! Having done that, you will then be able to learn any foreign language. So basically, yes the general view is that learning Japanese is difficult, but whether or not it’s difficult I think depends on your attitude to your Japanese studies. If you think it’s difficult, then it’s difficult. If you think it’s not difficult, then it’s not.

Simple. lol.

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japanese Lower-Intermediate Listening Practice!!! 中級者の聞き取りの練習!!! 「字幕」

1 Jan



Hey everyone! ALL OF MY VIDEOS can be used for listening practice in Japanese, and so here is another video for you all! The Japanese used here is aimed at lower-intermediate learners but even if you are higher or lower, listen and see if you can understand all that I am saying! Enjoy!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Easy Japanezy!!! ばかりに Bakari ni!!! 「字幕」

8 Nov


Hey everyone!!! Here is another new Japanese lesson for you! Check it out! Today we learn “Bakari ni ばかりに”. If you wanna know how to make the formation then read below! Don’t forget to subscribe and click Facebook Like!!! 宜しくね。

ばかりに Bakari ni formation ->

  • V informal past +ばかりに

飲んだばかりに (Just because someone drank…)

  • i Adj informal +ばかりに

難し+い/かったばかりに (Just because something is/was difficult…)

  • na Adj +ばかりに

綺麗+な/だったばかりに (Just because something is/was beautiful…)

  • Noun+ばかりに

医者+である/であったばかりに (Just because someone is/was a doctor…)

If you have any questions, send me an email!!!!!! もし質問があったら私にメールして下さいね!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


みんなの日本語Ⅱ(初級Ⅱ)Minna No Nihongo II ~~~ ☆☆

22 Oct
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Minna no Nihongo II text book is aimed at beginners and also those who aren’t complete beginners. This is perhaps, a lower-intermediate text book. This book is connected to the Minna No Nihongo I series in that this is a continuation. By using this book, you will not only build your vocabulary, but you will also build your grammar and deepen your knowledge of Japanese. Like Minna No Nihongo I, this book also contains vocabulary lists, grammar explanations and more. I have always been a fan of Minna no Nihongo from a long time ago, and so if I am asked by anyone “What beginners/lower intermediate text book do you think is the best?”, then I would always recommend this book…always!!! If you haven’t used Minna no Nihongo I, then I would suggest that you use Minna no Nihongo 1 before you use this book! Click here to read both of my reviews Minna no Nihongo I (First Review)

Minna no Nihongo I (Second Review)

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.



Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Eazy Japanezy!!! 易しい日本語!!! Masaka! まさか!

7 Sep


Hey everyone! Today is another Japanese lesson! Yay! Today we are learning the phrase – “Masaka”. In order to understand how to use “Masaka”, then please continue reading! lol



  • I never thought that。。。まさか (Add sentence) とは思わなかった!

Example: まさか!雪が降るとは思わなかった!I never thought that it would snow!

  • Don’t tell me that。。。まさか (Add sentence) んじゃないでしょうね/んじゃないだろうね!

Examples: まさか!私の誕生日を忘れたんじゃないでしょうね!Don’t tell me that you forgot my birthday!

まさか!会社を辞めるんじゃないだろうね!Don’t tell me that you are going to quit the company!

Easy right! Now you know how to use Masaka! 簡単じゃん!今は「まさか」の使い方分かってきましたね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

皆によく聞かれる質問だ!Questions I am often asked by everyone!!!

11 Jun






There are times when I have been asked various questions by everyone. It is for this reason that if everyone is thinking the same thing, I have answered three questions which I have often been asked.

Question 1: Destiny, Where are your parents from? Where do your parents come from?
Question 2: Destiny, have you lived in Japan? If you haven’t lived in Japan, have you been to Japan? If you have been to Japan, where did you go? Where do you think you liked the most in Japan?
Question 3: Destiny, why did you study Japanese?

Please watch by all means!

If you want to know more about me, please send me an email!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Minna No Nihongo!!! みんなの日本語!!! (Elementary 初級)

4 Apr
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

世界中に日本語を勉強してる人達がいたら、この情報は貴方方向けで~す!(笑)。じゃぁ、「この教科書は何?そして、何で全て日本語?」って頭の中で言ってたら、私が答えま~す!(^_-)- 先ず、この教科書はね、基本的に、日本語の教科書だよ!初心者には全員役に立つ!初心者だけ初心者!だからこそ、日本語力に関しては、もし中級か上級だったら、この教科書が役に立たない!(>.<) 中級と上級の人達に役に立たな~い!!後で中級と上級の教科書についてレポートを書くわぁ!後でね後で!(*^_^*)

If there are people throughout the world who are studying Japanese, then this information is directed at youuu!!! lol! So, if you are saying in your head “What is this textbook? Why is it all in Japanese?”, then I will answer youuu!!! (^_-)- First of all, this textbook is basically a Japanese language book! It is useful for all beginners! Only beginners! It is for this reason that in relation to your Japanese language ability, if you are intermediate or advanced, then this textbook will not be useful! (>.<) It will not be useful for intermediate and advanced people! I will write a report on intermediate and advanced textbooks later! Later ne! (*^_^*)

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


There are a lot of activities included in this textbook! As you can see, simple and descriptive illustrations accompany all activities! This is why I think it becomes enjoyable to read! Apart from this, the activities test your Japanese language ability! For example, there is the need to insert the appropriate word or expression into a sentence! Also, Japanese language dialogues are also included!!! Therefore, you can practice reading out aloud in Japanese! With a partner! Just by using this textbook, you can write and read in Japanese! I think you will find that your Japanese will improve! (@o@)

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

次は、何で全て日本語?まぁ、これは黄色いみんなの日本語の相手だよ!黄色い教科書は全て英語で、赤い教科書は全て日本語だ。「もし黄色い教科書についてレポートを読みたかったら、自分のサイトで探してね!」赤い教科書を使うことでできるアクティビティー以外、もしこの教科書を黄色い教科書と一緒に使ったら、メリットが上がるよ!例えばは、黄色い教科書にある文章を日本語に訳すために、赤い教科書がチェックできる!(^ u ^) 🙂

Next, why is it all in Japanese?? Well, this is the partner of the yellow Minna no Nihongo! The yellow textbook is all in English, and the red textbook is all in Japanese! (If you would like to read the report about the yellow textbook then please search amongst my site!) Apart from the activities which you can do by using the red textbook, if you use this textbook together with the yellow textbook, the advantages are going to increase!!! For example, in order to translate sentences into Japanese which are in the yellow textbook, you can check the red textbook!!! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx  m(_ _)m

Where to buy  – Japan Centre, London

Price – £22.95 (Could have changed)

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