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Easy Japanezy 易しい日本語 : かなあ Kana!!! 「字幕」

28 May


Hey all! Here is another quick Japanese lesson for you! In this lesson, I teach how to use “Kana”!

As explained in the video, Kana can be used when you are wondering about things such as “I wonder what day of the week it is” and “I wonder if he is going to drink that” etc. For example:

Verb informal + kana:

彼が話すかなあ – I wonder if he is going to speak…

お母さんがテレビを見るかなあ – I wonder if my mum is going to watch television…

However, Kana can also be used in relation to yourself when you are thinking about what you should do…For example, what you should wear, what you should eat, what you should drink, what you should watch.

Verb volitional form + Kana

これを飲もうかなあ。。。 – I wonder if I should drink this…

それを食べようかなあ。。。- I wonder if I should eat that…

そこに座ろうかなあ。。。 – I wonder if I should sit there…

It’s all pretty simple really! I hope you understood that and now know how to use Kana!! Any questions send me an email!! ❤ ❤

Love, Destiny Rose xxx


Easy Japanezy 易しい日本語!!! くらいなら方がましだ 「字幕」

2 Mar


Hey everyone! Here is the newest Japanese lesson for you! In order to find out how to use this grammatical structure then please see below!

As you all know, くらいなら方がましだ(Kurai nara houga mashi da)means “I would rather…than…”.

Here is the formation:

Verb informal non-past before くらいなら

Verb informal past before 方がましだ。

For example —> 納豆を食べるくらいなら、豆腐を食べた方がましだ。 I would rather eat Tofu than eat Natto.

Another example —> ロシアに住むくらいなら、ロンドンに住んだ方がましだ。I would rather live in London than live in Russia.

You get the drift! lol. Btw, you don’t have to use the same verb before くらいなら and 方がましだ. The verb you use will change or stay the same depending on what you want to say in each part of the sentence!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japanese Lower-Intermediate Listening Practice!!! 中級者の聞き取りの練習!!! 「字幕」

1 Jan



Hey everyone! ALL OF MY VIDEOS can be used for listening practice in Japanese, and so here is another video for you all! The Japanese used here is aimed at lower-intermediate learners but even if you are higher or lower, listen and see if you can understand all that I am saying! Enjoy!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Eazy Japanezy!!! 易しい日本語!!! Masaka! まさか!

7 Sep


Hey everyone! Today is another Japanese lesson! Yay! Today we are learning the phrase – “Masaka”. In order to understand how to use “Masaka”, then please continue reading! lol



  • I never thought that。。。まさか (Add sentence) とは思わなかった!

Example: まさか!雪が降るとは思わなかった!I never thought that it would snow!

  • Don’t tell me that。。。まさか (Add sentence) んじゃないでしょうね/んじゃないだろうね!

Examples: まさか!私の誕生日を忘れたんじゃないでしょうね!Don’t tell me that you forgot my birthday!

まさか!会社を辞めるんじゃないだろうね!Don’t tell me that you are going to quit the company!

Easy right! Now you know how to use Masaka! 簡単じゃん!今は「まさか」の使い方分かってきましたね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Easy Japanezy!!! 易しい日本語!!! どんなに。。。ことか!!! Oh how…is!!!

22 Jun



Hey everyone!! Let’s learn some more Japanese!!!! Because I am teaching you Japanese, I am speaking 90% in English! It’s like I am speaking in English all the time! LOL! Enjoy today’s lesson! Please watch! Please send me an email if you have any questions!! Japanese and English is OK!!!

Watch my other videos ne! lol

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

勉強しよう!!! Kanji Of The Day – 豆

19 Feb

勉強時間!!!勉強!Study time!!!

Okay, so today’s kanji is [] which means “Bean“.

There are 3 readings to this kanji —>

  1. トウ」 ”Tou”
  2. 」 ”Zu”
  3. まめ」 ”Mame”

So, here are some vocab examples including this kanji []  —>

  • 豆腐」 ”Toufu” (My favourite lol)
  • 豆乳」 ”Tounyuu” – Soy Milk (I love this also haha)
  • 豆粕」 ”Mamekasu” – Bean cake

Example sentences —>

  1. デパートに行くんでしょう?豆腐を買って下さいませんか? depa-to ni ikundeshou? toufu wo katte kudasaimasenka? You’re going to the department store right? Can you please buy me Tofu?
  2. 牛乳の味があんまり好きじゃありませんよ!豆乳が最高です!gyuunyuu no aji ga anmari suki ja arimasenyo! Tounyuu ga saikou desu! I don’t really like the taste of cow’s milk! Soy milk is the best!
  3. 豆粕を食べた事がありますか?Mamekasu wo tabeta koto ga arimasuka? Have you ever eaten bean cake?

Not so hard right?? 難しくないよ~~!So there you have it! You have learnt a new kanji and new words as well as example sentences to use it in!!! Good luck with Japanese!!! 日本語頑張れぇぇぇ~~~!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Word of The Day – にゃにゃ!!!

10 Jan

Okay!! Lesson Time!! 勉強の時間!

So, today’s word is “にゃにゃ” “Nyanya” However there is also another reading “にゃんにゃん” “Nyannyan“. So, what does this word mean??? In English it means “Meow” as in a cat’s meow. LOL. You’re probably wondering why I am teaching you the meaning of such a word and it is because of this video……………….LOOOOOL

Now, when I watched this video, I suddenly burst out laughing!!! I was rolling about with laughter! I thought in my head “What…is…this…???” The cat is simply repeating the SAME word again and again and the video doesn’t change….Anyway, I was asked by my friends what “Nyan” means and so I thought I’d tell you all! If you keep listening to this song, I have no doubt that this does become extremely annoying! However, if you keep listening to this song, you will never forget what “Nyannyan” means! LOOOL


Love, Miss Dezzy x

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