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ジェネレーションズ GENERATIONS “BRAVE IT OUT” – New MV!!! ~~~♬♬

22 Oct

Generations are a 7 member boy group who will be making a debut this November on the 21st! Their debut single will be the song “BRAVE IT OUT“. This group remind me of EXILE. They are like a young EXILE. I like EXILE and I think they are great dancers, their style is great and their music videos are amazing. Just like EXILE, Generations are also awesome dancers, and their video is really good! As a debut song I think it’s a success! Plus, I really like it! I think it’s catchy!

ジェネレーションズは7人組のボーイバンドだよ。この11月の21日にデビューする。「BRAVE IT OUT」はデビューシングルになる。このグループは私にEXILEを思い出させる。若いEXILEみたいや。EXILEが好きでダンスも素晴らしいし、スタイルも素晴らしいし、ミュージックビデオも凄いと思う。EXILEみたいにジェネレーションズもダンスが素晴らしい。ビデオも本当にいい!デビューソングとして成功だと思う!それに、めっちゃ好きだ!曲が。キャッチーだと思う。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

ラッドウインプス Radwimps —– “G行為” – Coool Japanese Rock band!!! (笑)

18 Sep


Radwimps are a Japanese four man rock band! It was my twin brother who introduced them to me! It was the song “DADA” which I heard for the first time! I heard it and I was impressed by their musical talents! Even now I am still impressed! I love “DADA” but when I heard their album “Zettai Zetsumei” I also fell in love with the song “Gkoui” Really I did! I love this song! The beat is good, it’s a rock song but it’s like there is an RnB-ish beat mixed in and chorus is catchy! If you don’t know who Radwimps are, then please see if you can listen to their music…because it’s good! lol! Zettai Zetsumei is not a new album, but it is their latest album. It is their 6th studio album! Good music is on this album and so it is my recommendation! Gkoui, Gkoui, Gkoui, G!!!! Super catchy! If you don’t know what “Gkoui” means…then look in a dictionary! LOL!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

サカナクション Sakanakushon – “ネイティブダンサー Native Dancer”!!!

7 Sep

Sakanakushon are a Japanese rock band from Sapporo! I had been told by my friend that she didn’t know any Japanese rock bands from Sapporo, and so because of this I thought that I would feature this band on my blog! “Native Dancer” is an old song, but I really really like it! Plus, I really like the video! It’s simple but it is also fun and colourful! I love the dancing trainers! haha! Nice video! Nice song! If you don’t know “Sakanakushon” then please take a listen to this song! Sakanakushon are a good rock band! Different from Tokyo rock bands I think!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

東京カランコロン Tokyo Karankoron – New MV “泣き虫ファイター”!!!

5 Aug

Tokyo Karankoron are a Japanese rock band who formed in the year 2007! This is their newest song “Nakimushi Fighter“!!! Their first mini album “Yurameki Romantic” is going to be released on 15th August! This song is going to be included on the album! I really like it! The beat is cheerful, the video is colourful and fun! I listen to this and I feel like I want to dance! haha! I want to dance to this song! haha! Check out the video!!! 🙂


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

L’Arc-en-Ciel Next World Tour & “CHASE” MV – English Version!!!

28 May

L’Arc-en-Ciel has announced that there will be a system by which fans can vote as to where they will perform for their next world tour. The voting is to begin after the band finishes their final concert ‘L’Arc-en-Ciel 20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012‘ in Hawaii. So if you love L’Arc-en-Ciel then vote!!! Make them go to your country!!! If that happens, then you can go to their live concert!!! Voting details are on their website!!

A music video has also been made for the English version of their song “CHASE” from their album “World’s Best Selection“. The video has been created using shots from their concert at Madison Square Garden! Check it out!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

AKB48’s New TV Anime – “AKBOO48”!!!

28 Apr

Massively popular girl band “AKB48” are to release a new anime entitled “AKBOO48” and here is a new PV! (≧∇≦)/ Or in other words, here is the new teaser video!!!! The anime will air on April 29th!!I have no doubt that it’s going to be popular!!!  ∩( ・ω・)∩

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Arashi 嵐 – New Singles “Face Down” & “Hitori Ja naisa”!!!

28 Apr

Face Downひとりじゃないさ」っていう2曲はの新しいシングルスだよ!どっちがいいかなぁ。。。まぁ。。。正直に言えば、どちらも好きだけど、Face Downの方がいい思う!ひとりじゃないさよりアップビートだからね!然も、ビートが結構好きだー!兎に角、もしのファンだったら、Face Downひとりじゃないさに恋をしてるに違いない!(笑)

The two songs “Face Down” and “Hitori Ja Naisa” are Arashi‘s new singles!  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ I wonder which one I prefer…Well…To tell you the truth, I like both but I think I prefer “Face Down” because it is more up-beat than “Hitori Ja Naisa“. Furthermore, I kinda like the beat! Anyway, If you are an Arashi fan, then I have no doubt that you are in love with both “Face Down” and “Hitori Ja Naisa” lol (⌒▽⌒)☆

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx



T-ara ティアラ – Release “Lies” In Japanese!!!

29 Feb

Korean group “T-ara” have released “Lies” in Japanese!!! This song was originally released in Korea in 2009, but now the Japanese language version has been released!!! I think this version is OK…the video is OK aswell……LOL Anyway, check it out!!!

ティアラ」っていう韓国のグループは「」っていう曲が発売された!元々、2009年に韓国でこの曲が発売されたけど、今は日本語版の曲が発売された!このバージョンがまあまあ。。。ビデオもまあまあ。。。(笑) 兎に角ね、見てね~!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Flower – New MV “Sakura Regret”

6 Feb

Flower have released their new MV “Sakura Regret“. The beat is slow and soothing! lol I listen to it and for some reason, it reminds me of anime or game music right?? Anyway, enjoy the song!!!

Sakura Regret」っていうビデオが封切られた!!ビートも遅いし、心も静まるし。。。笑。 なんかね、この曲を聞くといくつかの理由から、アニメかゲームの音楽を思い出す。兎に角、曲楽しんで~!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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