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Summer Has Arrived! Well…Kind Of lol 夏がやっと来たのや!まあ、ちょっと来たで(笑)

9 Jun

Summer has finally arrived everyone! Wooo! Do you remember my last post when I complaining about Spring not arriving? Well now I’m going to write about Summer. Summer has arrived in London..well kind of. You see this is the thing yeah, this week London was kinda cold but at the same time it was also hot. Thursday was the day when out of the blue the sun decided not to hide behind the clouds anymore and to break free from its chains! It then blessed all of us with its sun rays. That day was sooo hot! It was nice I tell you. However, when Friday arrived, first of all it rained in the morning. Then even though the rain stopped, it was just cold. This weekend wasn’t that warm either…hmm…it was a little bit cold and a little bit windy. Only a little bit. Even so, like what the hell?! Last time I checked my calendar, I could’ve sworn it’s now June..but yet it..is..not…hot…all…the…time. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that London is always cold because we have definitely had some hot days this month; but these hot days have not been consistent now have they. Let’s just hope that when Summer COMPLETELY arrives that it stays for a long time.

Meh, it’s London innit.

So I’m not surprised in the least bit that the weather changes so much LOL.



Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Spring。。。Where The Hell Did You Go?! 春、一体どこに行ったんだよー?!(笑)

27 Mar

Spring…Where the hell did you go?! I know England is like notorious for always being cold and never having a summer and whatever, but seriously, it’s now spring and yet it is still SO COLD! Soon it’ll be April, and it is still SO COLD! I don’t understand. Also, get this, last week it was snowing…SNOWING! What the hell man?! How can it be snowing in spring? Weird right?! My Korean friend came to London not long ago, and he said that before he came here because his friend told him that “London is hot” he brought light clothes with him……(T_T) Seriously though, London is hot?! I’m not saying at all that London is always cold, but clearly my friend had been deceived lol; but HOPEFULLY the weather changes SOON and the sun shows it’s beautiful face! Sun, please bless us with your heat rays!!!!!!!

I’m sick of this cold weather now…Damn man lol.



Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより。xxx

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