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倖田來未 Koda Kumi New Cover Album “Color The Cover”!

18 Feb

color theKoda Kumi!!! Koda Kumi is back and she has returned with a new cover album “Color The Cover“. I have been a Koda Kumi fan since the beginning of time (lol) and so I look forward to listening to her new album even though it is a cover album! The album is due for release in Japan on 27th February 2013. However in the meantime, please watch the preview for the album.

倖田來未!!!倖田來未は興行界に帰ってきました!これは最新のカバーアルバム「Color The Cover」。生まれた時から倖田來未のファンだったから、このアルバムを聞くのを楽しみにしています。カバーアルバムなのに。(笑)日本では発売時期は2013年2月27日になります。しかし、とりあえず、アルバムの予告編を見てみてくださいね~。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

倖田 來未 Koda Kumi Gives Birth!!!

18 Jul

「倖田 來未が男の子を出産した」って発表されました!わぁーーー!それに、倖田 來未は11月に「KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~」っていうツアーに出かける予定がある!倖田 來未さん!おめでとう御座います!

It has been announced that Koda Kumi has given birth to a baby boy!!! Wooo! In addition, she is now scheduled to hold her tour “KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~” in November!! Congratulations Koda Kumi!!! (^3^)—!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx



Koda Kumi 倖田來未 – Updated Album Info & New Music Videos!!!

23 Jan

2月に倖田來未のアルバムが発売すると発表されたけど、発売日が変わって、1月25日に発売するよ~~!わくわくしてる!プロモーションビデオも封切りされたから、若干のビデオを見て~!倖田來未は「Omarion」っていうアメリカのスターとさえ一緒に歌ってた!アルバムが発売するまで待てないの~!「So Nice」と「Escalate」っていうビデオが超大好きだ!倖田來未が着てるような着物が欲しいなあ~!笑。倖田來未が凄く大好きなんだ~!笑。

It had been announced that Koda Kumi‘s Album would be released in February, however, the release date changed and her album will be released on Jan 25th…THIS MONTH!!! SO EXCITED!!! Koda Kumi has also released promotional videos so please watch some of them below!! Koda Kumi has even collaborated with American star Omarion!!! I can’t wait until the album is released! I love the “So Nice” and “Escalate” video! I want a kimono like the one that Koda Kumi is wearing! lol I LOVE YOU KODA KUMI!!! LOL

Love, Miss Dezzy x

Koda Kumi – “Lay Down”

Koda Kumi – “Escalate”

Koda Kumi – “So Nice”

Koda Kumi – “Slow” ft. Omarion

Koda Kumi Cancels Nationwide Tour!!! 中止!!!

20 Dec

倖田來未のウェブサイトに戻って、ニュースを読んだ!「Koda Kumi Live Tour 2012 中止のお知らせ」っていうニュースを読んではじめて、今はKoda Kumi Live Tour 2012 が中止されたことが分かった!(泣き顔) 私は英語に翻訳してあげた!これは翻訳だ:

I returned to Koda Kumi‘s website and read the news! It was only after reading the news “Koda Kumi Live Tour 2012 Cancel Notice” that I now understand that the tour has been cancelled!!! I have translated what has been written into English. Here is my translation:

From April 2012, there was plans for Koda Kumi’s Live Tour 2012; however, after discussion and consulting with staff and due to the reason that she feels that she cannot show everyone 100% of her performance and her production, the tour has been cancelled. To everyone that was looking forward to the tour, we are deeply sorry that we have caused you considerable trouble……In relation to the Birthday Anniversary Live 2012 which is going to be held in Autumn, as soon as the details are decided, we are going to inform everybody….



Koda Kumi Is Getting Married! & She Confirms Pregnancy!!! すげ~!

16 Dec







“I wanted to tell my fans first, but after consulting with my doctor I was told not to announce anything yet because I wasn’t in my stable period of pregnancy, therefore I didn’t announce anything to you all.  After the reports came out, it made a lot of people confused. This wasn’t my intention, and so I decided to make this announcement earlier than scheduled. At this time, I have been blessed with a new life! It is with this new life that everyday I pray that we can live enjoyably as a family, the three of us. From now, I wish that everyone will watch over us warmly. In relation to the tour, I am now speaking with my staff because of my body. I think I can make an announcement early next week so if everyone can wait just a little bit longer, I will be happy.

Koda Kumi 倖田來未

As I said, If you go to Koda Kumi‘s official website, you can read this news feed! However, it’s written entirely in Japanese! However, I have translated for you—-!!! 🙂


Congratulations on the pregnancy Koda Kumi!! 🙂


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