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Illion “BEEHIVE” – New MV!!! きゃあ~!

14 Apr

illionIllionラッドウィンプス野田 洋次郎のソロプロジェクトです。「UBU」ってIllionのデビューアルバムで「BEEHIVE」っていう曲がアルバムに入ってる曲です。これは「BEEHIVE」のミュージックビデオである。曲と来たら、ビートも好きだし、ユニークだし、曲自体が好きです。ビデオに関しては非常に創造的だと思いますわ。とってもとっても創造的です。うちは創造性を示す人とものが好きなんですので、このビデオが好きです。ビデオの意味がよく分かりませんが、誰も創造性は理解できませんってよく思われていますよね~(笑)。ビデオと曲を楽しんでくださいね~。

Illion is Yojiro Noda’s solo project (He belongs to the amazing rock band Radwimps). UBU is the name of Illion’s debut album and BEEHIVE is the name of the new music video! When it comes to the song, I like the beat as it’s unique. I just like the song itself. In terms of the video, I think that it is extremely creative. Very very creative. I like things which show and people who show creativity and so that is why I like this video. I don’t really get the meaning of the video, but it has often been said that no-one can understand creativity! lol. Enjoy the video and the song!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx


Alice Nine アリス九號 – New PV “SHADOWPLAY”!!!

1 Apr


Alice Nine are a five member visual kei band. I am a big J-Rock (Japanese rock) fan and Alice Nine are one of the groups that I like amongst J-Rock bands! This is their latest single “SHADOWPLAY” which will be released in Japan on April 17th; and here is the PV! This song is really good (As expected of Alice Nine)! I really like it and so look forward to listening to the full song!


Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより xxx

ONE OK ROCK – New Album “人生かけて僕は” J-ロック Japanese Rock!!!

10 Mar

one oONE OK ROCK are a 4 member Japanese alternative rock band!! (They were originally a 5 member group). I really really like ONE OK ROCK! I have listened to all of their albums and I am a fan! I especially love their latest album “Jinsei kakete Boku ha“. There are so many good songs on this album. I especially love the song “Deeper Deeper“. I don’t think there are a lot of Japanese people who know who ONE OK ROCK are, but I think they are gradually gaining popularity in Japan. Their music is great so they should be popular! Check out the music video for “Deeper Deeper”. Ah! In relation to the lyrics, when I listen to their old albums, and when I listen to this album, I always notice that they use A LOT of English! It’s good English as well! lol.

ONE OK ROCKは4人組の日本のオルタナティヴロックバンドですよ。(元々はこのバンドは5人組したわ。)ONE OK ROCKがとってもとっても好きです。昔のアルバムを全て聞いてファンになりましたよ。最新のアルバム「人生かけて僕は」が大好きです。このアルバムにはいい曲がいっぱい入っています。特に「Deeper Deeper」っていう曲が大好きです。ONE OK ROCKを知ってる日本人が多いと思いませんが、日本では段々人気になってると思います。ONE OK ROCKの音楽が素晴らしいですから、人気になるはずです。「Deeper Deeper」のミュージックビデオをチェックして下さいね!あ!歌詞に関しては昔のアルバムを聞くときはこのアルバムを聞くときは、ONE OK ROCKが英語をいっぱい使うことにいつも気づいています!英語上手いぞ!笑

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Plastic Tree プラトゥリ “Kuchizuke くちづけ” – New MV!!!

1 Jun

Plastic Tree are a Japanese Visual Kei band and this is their latest single “Kuchizuke“. The song is scheduled to be released on the 20th of this month (June). I like Visual Kei music! I particularly like this song! No, I love this song! haha! Love Japanese rock!! haha!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

L’Arc-en-Ciel Next World Tour & “CHASE” MV – English Version!!!

28 May

L’Arc-en-Ciel has announced that there will be a system by which fans can vote as to where they will perform for their next world tour. The voting is to begin after the band finishes their final concert ‘L’Arc-en-Ciel 20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012‘ in Hawaii. So if you love L’Arc-en-Ciel then vote!!! Make them go to your country!!! If that happens, then you can go to their live concert!!! Voting details are on their website!!

A music video has also been made for the English version of their song “CHASE” from their album “World’s Best Selection“. The video has been created using shots from their concert at Madison Square Garden! Check it out!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

CNBLUE – New Single “Where You Are”

10 Jan

CNBLUE have just released their new single “Where You Are“. Even though they sang in both Japanese and English, I think they were singing more in English than they were in Japanese! lol Anyway, the song is catchy and it’s like American-y, pop-y, rock-y music! It’s still a good song though. It’s catchy like I said! lol


Love, Miss Dezzy x

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