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THE ××ズ “はなきちGUY” – クレージーな Japanese Rock/New Wave~~☆☆

14 Oct

THE ××ズ」は青森からやってきたロック/ノーウェーブのバンド。このバンド一度も聞いたことはないけどさ、偶然に見つかったら、音楽聞いてみた。実はな、この曲が結構好き!まぁ、最初に、この曲聞いて、歌手は歌詞を叫んでるみたいだから、耳に痛くなるかも。ですから、「この曲もういい!」って思い始めるかもだけど、(笑)もう一回聞いてみるなら、かなりいい曲だと思う!(笑)動物的なビートが好きだ!(笑)そして、踊ってる馬も好き!(笑)なんか、クレージーな曲だなぁ~!(笑)THE ××ズのデビューアルバム「ポップタウン」が日本では2012年10月24日に発売される予定がある!アルバムを聴くのを楽しみにしていまーす!(笑)

THE ××ズ are a rock/new wave band from Aomori! I have never heard of this band before, but then I happened to find them, I decided to listen to their music! Actually, I kinda like this song! Well, at first, you listen to this song and because it’s like the singer is screaming the lyrics, it probably hurts your ears. Therefore, you probably start to think “Okay! Enough of this song!” BUT! If you see if you can listen to this song one more time, then I think it is a fairly good song! lol. I like the animalistic beat and I like the dancing horses! lol. This song is kinda crazy! THE ××ズ’s debut album “Pop Town” is going to be released in Japan on the 24th of October of this year! I am looking forward to listening to the album! lol ^^

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


ラッドウインプス Radwimps —– “G行為” – Coool Japanese Rock band!!! (笑)

18 Sep


Radwimps are a Japanese four man rock band! It was my twin brother who introduced them to me! It was the song “DADA” which I heard for the first time! I heard it and I was impressed by their musical talents! Even now I am still impressed! I love “DADA” but when I heard their album “Zettai Zetsumei” I also fell in love with the song “Gkoui” Really I did! I love this song! The beat is good, it’s a rock song but it’s like there is an RnB-ish beat mixed in and chorus is catchy! If you don’t know who Radwimps are, then please see if you can listen to their music…because it’s good! lol! Zettai Zetsumei is not a new album, but it is their latest album. It is their 6th studio album! Good music is on this album and so it is my recommendation! Gkoui, Gkoui, Gkoui, G!!!! Super catchy! If you don’t know what “Gkoui” means…then look in a dictionary! LOL!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

サカナクション Sakanakushon – “ネイティブダンサー Native Dancer”!!!

7 Sep

Sakanakushon are a Japanese rock band from Sapporo! I had been told by my friend that she didn’t know any Japanese rock bands from Sapporo, and so because of this I thought that I would feature this band on my blog! “Native Dancer” is an old song, but I really really like it! Plus, I really like the video! It’s simple but it is also fun and colourful! I love the dancing trainers! haha! Nice video! Nice song! If you don’t know “Sakanakushon” then please take a listen to this song! Sakanakushon are a good rock band! Different from Tokyo rock bands I think!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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