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Badtz-Maru ばつ丸 iPhone 5 Case!!! 可愛いっしょ?~~~!可愛くない???笑

22 Jan
Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

When I got the iPhone 5, I needed a phone case! It is indeed true that I could have just settled for an ordinary case, BUT, being me and knowing that I like cute stuff, I couldn’t help buying a cute iPhone case! I could have chosen something like Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma but I wanted something different which is why I chose…Badtz Maru!!! Badtz Maru is a part of the “Sanrio” family and a character which I like! Plus, I like penguins! Even though he looks like a penguin who’s high..lol. Anyway, this case is cute right?! Some dude came up to me the other day and was like “Where did u get your case from? It’s mental!” LOL!


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Viewer Q: What is your favourite Japanese character? 「英語と日本語の字幕」 (>‿♥)

2 Oct


Everyone! First of all, sorry for the wait!!!! I have been really busy lately so I haven’t been uploading videos! But here is my new video! If you have any video requests then please let me know! Enjoy! (>‿♥)


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Hello Kitty Purse & Necklace!!! 凄~く大好きなのだ!!!

20 Apr
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


Cute report!!! Okay, I’m gonna keep this very very brief! lol. This is a necklace and purse that I received on Christmas! I received it from my twin!!! In other words, my twin bought it for me! I don’t think there was a problem with choosing a present! He knows that I love Hello Kitty so it was easy choosing a present! I think…haha! On top of this, he also bought me a matching bag! Thanks twin! Love you! LOL! It seems as if my camera is sick at this present time, so I will upload the picture of the bag later! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Hello Kitty ハローキティ – Collaborates With Movie “Sadako 3D”

8 Apr

It has been announced that Hello Kitty ハローキティ will collaborate with the character “Sadako” from the popular film – “Ring“. HK ハローキティ will be designed with Sadako’s long black hair and dress while still keeping her trademark pink bow ribbon!!! The new products will be named “Sadako 3D×HELLO KITTY“, and will be available in three different designs. Ten items will be sold at cinemas sometime in May, items include notebooks and clear files!!! Exciting!!! Sadako 3D is an original story and will be released on May 12th!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx m(_ _)m

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