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Conor Maynard “Vegas Girl” – New Future UK Release!!!

18 Jul

コナーマイナードの最新のシングルが7月22日にイギリスでは発売される予定がある!コナーマイナードが好きだ!彼が才能がたくさんあると思う!彼の歌声もいいし、いい音楽も作るし!で、これは新曲だ!この曲は悪くないよ。まぁ、「Can’t Say No」っていう曲のほうが好きなのだけどさ、私が言ったとおり、この曲が悪くない!コナーマイナードのファンのため、これは「Vegas Girl」っていうミュージックビデオだぁぁぁー!どうぞ!

Conor Maynard’s latest single “Vegas Girl” is due to be released in the UK on July 22nd! I like Conor Maynard! I think he has a lot of talent! He has a great singing voice and he produces good music! So, here is his newest song! The song isn’t bad! I prefer his single “Can’t Say No” but as I said, this song isn’t bad! For the benefit of all you Conor Maynard fans, here is his video for “Vegas Girl”!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Rita Ora – “R.I.P.” New UK Release!!!

10 May


Rita Ora is a British singer. The song “R.I.P.” is her newest single and was released in the UK on May 6th! In addition, it will be included on her debut album! In order to create this song, she collaborated with massively popular British rapper Tinie Tempah! Rita Ora has been regarded as the British Rihanna! Everytime I see her there are times when I think she is like Rihanna! I think her style is near Rihanna’s style! Enjoy the song!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Conor Maynard – New UK Release!!! “Can’t Say No”

16 Apr

Conor Maynardはイギリスの歌手だよ!これは「Can’t Say No」っていうデビューのシングル!実を言えば、この曲が凄く好きだ!歌声も素敵だし、ビートもいいし、そして曲も非常にキャッチーだと思うし。。。2012年4月15日にイギリスではシングルが発売された!もしイギリスの音楽が好きなら、この曲が好きになってくるに違いない!Conor Maynardは人達にイギリスのJustin Bieberだと思われてる。。。hmm。。。皆さん、どう思うのか?

Conor Maynard is an English singer!!! This is his debut single “Can’t Say No”. I personally really like this song!!! His voice is really nice, the beat is good and I think the song is extremely catchy!! This single was released in the UK on April 15th! I hope you all like this song!! If you like UK music then I have no doubt that you will come to like this song!! He has been thought of as the English Justin Bieber…Hmmm…What do you all think?? Enjoy listening!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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