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Amplify Dot “Get Down” – UK Music!!!

13 Jan


Amplify Dot, is an English rapper! She is a Londoner! lol. This is her song “Get Down“. I really like this song! The beat is good, the song is catchy…basically, I think that it’s a good song! I also think the video is good. It’s simple, but nice. Furthermore, I also like the various colourful images used. I can dance to this song all the time! lol. Ah! When the video finishes, I wanna hear the last song! lol

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Rita Ora – “R.I.P.” New UK Release!!!

10 May


Rita Ora is a British singer. The song “R.I.P.” is her newest single and was released in the UK on May 6th! In addition, it will be included on her debut album! In order to create this song, she collaborated with massively popular British rapper Tinie Tempah! Rita Ora has been regarded as the British Rihanna! Everytime I see her there are times when I think she is like Rihanna! I think her style is near Rihanna’s style! Enjoy the song!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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