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Hyper Japan Xmas Market 2014! ハイパージャパンクリスマスマーケット2014年!

23 Nov

Hyper Japan Christmas Market was this month from the 14th – 16th. Hyper Japan is an event all about Japanese culture and as you know, at this event I was an exhibitor! At Hyper Japan Xmas Market 2014 I was selling all of my handmade items such as phone cases, mirrors and jewellery! It was my first time exhibiting and I was incredibly happy because it was a massive success 🙂 I will definitely be exhibiting at other events. I also have a lot of custom orders from clients so I am busy busy busy before Christmas. Just call me Santa! haha ❤ Go to my new site Suga Dust in order to see and buy all of my handmade and customised items! ❤ x


See more pictures on Suga Dust


Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Happy Suga Dust customers. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Suga Dust at Hyper Japan Xmas 2014. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Suga Dust at Hyper Japan Xmas 2014. Copyright © 2014 Suga Dust. All Rights Reserved

Long Time No See!!! 久しぶり!!!

3 Feb

Hey everyone!!

Long time no see! I am so sorry for not posting anything in a while! (><). A part from being MAJOR busy, ever since the end of December my laptop has started to act funny and it is not working! NOOOOO! Therefore I have sent it away to be repaired. It is taking much longer than expected HOWEVER, I hope to be reunited with my laptop around mid February or around the end of February…either way I expect it to be returned to me sometime this month! So pleaseeeee wait a little bit longer!!!!

When I get my laptop back I will upload more YouTube videos as well as being able to update my blog. For the meantime I am using my sister’s computer but she doesn’t have Japanese installed on it hence why I am solely writing in English lol. I will see if I can install Japanese so that when I next write a post I can write in both Japanese and English…as usual lol.

Again, I apologize for not blogging in a while…I will resume my blogging activities and upload more YouTube videos as soon as I get my laptop back! Everyone, pray that my laptop gets better and returns to me sooooooon! lol 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Tokyo October 2013!!! Arrival & Hotel Metropolitan Tour!!! 東京2013年10月(1/8) HD

20 Nov

Hey all, so I was in Japan in October 2013, and I will be making videos about some of the things I did on my trip. Here is part 1/8 Tokyo trip 2013. WATCH IN HD!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

Tokyo To Host 2020 Olympic Games!!! おめでと~! ヤッホー! 興奮やな~!!! 日本頑張れよ!!!

8 Sep

tokyo 2020

Yesterday it had been announced that Tokyo would hold the 2020 Olympic Games. When I was watching the news, when I heard this I was like “Whaaaat! Shut the front door!” LOL. This is so amazing! This is so great! It will bring a lot of tourists to Japan and it will also make people go and experience Japanese culture which they may not have done but for the olympics being held in Japan. I am sure the opening and closing ceremony will be just as good as it was in Beijing and London!

I was also saying to my friends, what if ninjas appear in the ceremony….NINJAS!!!!!!!!! That would be so cool because people around the world all know that ninjas exist but that they are hiding! LOL!!!!!!!! So hurry up and show yourselves!!! LOL!!!!!!


今日、友達には「これは例えば話しなんですが、もし東京のオリンピックの開会式と終業式には忍者が出るんだったら、それが素晴らしいよね!忍者だよー!!!」って言ってた私が。(爆笑)www もし忍者が本当に出たらそれがものすごく素晴らしいと思います!世界中の人は忍者が存在していますけど、いつも隠れていますってことが分かりますよ。だから、ほら!出て来いよー。wwwwww

Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより~ xxx

Summer Has Arrived! Well…Kind Of lol 夏がやっと来たのや!まあ、ちょっと来たで(笑)

9 Jun

Summer has finally arrived everyone! Wooo! Do you remember my last post when I complaining about Spring not arriving? Well now I’m going to write about Summer. Summer has arrived in London..well kind of. You see this is the thing yeah, this week London was kinda cold but at the same time it was also hot. Thursday was the day when out of the blue the sun decided not to hide behind the clouds anymore and to break free from its chains! It then blessed all of us with its sun rays. That day was sooo hot! It was nice I tell you. However, when Friday arrived, first of all it rained in the morning. Then even though the rain stopped, it was just cold. This weekend wasn’t that warm either…hmm…it was a little bit cold and a little bit windy. Only a little bit. Even so, like what the hell?! Last time I checked my calendar, I could’ve sworn it’s now June..but yet…hot…all…the…time. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that London is always cold because we have definitely had some hot days this month; but these hot days have not been consistent now have they. Let’s just hope that when Summer COMPLETELY arrives that it stays for a long time.

Meh, it’s London innit.

So I’m not surprised in the least bit that the weather changes so much LOL.



Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Wildabeast – T-Pain’s “Nothin” Choreography!!! やばっやばっやばっ!めっちゃやばい!あららら!(笑)

28 May

hip hopI LOVEEEE dance!!! Dancing is so amazing and I love to discover different choreographers! One choreographer who I discovered very recently is “Wildabeast“. Wildabeast is an American hip-hop choreographer and he is AMAZING!!! He is a brilliant dancer and so are his dancers. In this music video, he shows us his choreography skills and he also introduces four of his dancers to us – Lil Swag; Wyatt Starkman; Zack Venegas and Kevin Jackson. All dancers are SUPER AMAZING! However, I really love Zack because I think he is an amazing dancer. I also love Wyatt! Wyatt is my husband! LOL ❤ Ah, Wildabeast is the guy with the dreadlocks! lol Please watch and enjoy!

私はね、ダンスが超~~大好きですよ~。ダンスすることは素晴らしいことですよ。だから、いろんなコリオグラファーを発見するのが大好きです。ウィルだービーストは私が凄い最近発見したコリオグラファーですよ。ウィルダービーストはアメリカ出身で物凄く素晴らしいコリオグラファーですよ。彼と彼のダンサーは全員凄いダンサーだと思います。このミュージックビデオでウィルダービーストがコレオグラフィを見せてくれました。彼が四人のダンサーも紹介してくれました。四人のダンサーはリルスワグ;ワイアットスタークマン;ザックヴェネガス;ケヴィンジャクソン。全員はめっちゃ素晴らしいですわ。しかし、ダンサーの中でザックが一番大好きです!ダンサーとして大好きです。凄いダンサーだと思いますからね。そして、ワイアットも大好きです!ワイアットは私のハズバンドなの!笑www。あ!ウィルダービーストはドレッドヘアをした奴ですよ。笑。 見てね!どーぞ!

Love, Destiny Rose xxx


Spring。。。Where The Hell Did You Go?! 春、一体どこに行ったんだよー?!(笑)

27 Mar

Spring…Where the hell did you go?! I know England is like notorious for always being cold and never having a summer and whatever, but seriously, it’s now spring and yet it is still SO COLD! Soon it’ll be April, and it is still SO COLD! I don’t understand. Also, get this, last week it was snowing…SNOWING! What the hell man?! How can it be snowing in spring? Weird right?! My Korean friend came to London not long ago, and he said that before he came here because his friend told him that “London is hot” he brought light clothes with him……(T_T) Seriously though, London is hot?! I’m not saying at all that London is always cold, but clearly my friend had been deceived lol; but HOPEFULLY the weather changes SOON and the sun shows it’s beautiful face! Sun, please bless us with your heat rays!!!!!!!

I’m sick of this cold weather now…Damn man lol.



Love, Miss Dezzy 愛を込めて、デッジより。xxx

プッシー PUSSY。。。This Is A Real Drink! 本物だよ。仰天なの!嘘ではない!(爆笑)

18 Feb

pussyOKAY…Now, when I heard that a drink existed called “PUSSY” I literally thought “That’s a fat ass lie!”. However, when I actually saw the drink then I was gobsmacked! The fact that there is a drink with such a name is hilarious! The tag line is also something like “The drink’s pure, it’s your mind that’s the problem!” Brilliant! (lol) I thought it was so funny. I have never actually tasted this drink before, but I know that it’s an energy drink. By the way, this is actually an English brand. In terms of the name itself, PUSSY reminds me of the Japanese drink “Calpis” or “Pocari Sweat“. To the English ear, these names may sound weird because Calpis sounds like “Cow Piss”, and Pocari Sweat may make someone think about the the image of “Sweat”, and so people may think “Why would I want to drink Calpis (Cow Piss) or Sweat?”. PUSSY is not only an incredibly funny name for a drink but it probably sounds weird to everyone’s ears around the world! Everyone, have you ever drank PUSSY before? (LOL)

オーケー。。。まあ、「プッシー」というドリンクが存在してるって発見した時に私は「それが大嘘だぞ!」と思いましたが、実際にこのドリンクを見たら全くびっくしました!こんな名前がドリンクに付いてるなんて超~面白いじゃないか?!しかも、タグラインは「ドリンクが純粋なんだ。貴方の考え方に問題がありますよ。」 素晴らしい~!(笑)超うけると思ってた。このドリンクを飲んだことはないけど、栄養ドリンクだって聞きました。あ!因みに、これはイギリスのブランドですよ。名前自体と来たら、「プッシー」を考えて「カルピス」と「ポカリスエット」という日本のドリングを思い出します。イギリスの耳にとってこんなドリンクは変に聞こえる。イギリスの耳にとってはさ、カルピスを聞いて「牛のおしっこ」っていうイメージを思い出させるかも。そして、ポカリスエットを聞いて「汗」っていうイメージを思い出させるかも。汗は英語で「スエット」だからね。だから、イギリス人は「何で私はカルピスとぽポカリスエットを飲むの?」って思うかも!(笑)プッシーはめっちゃ面白い名前だけではなく、世界中の人の耳にとって変に聞こえるかも!世界中の皆様、プッシーを飲んだことがありますか?(爆笑)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Is Japanese Hard??? 日本語の勉強。。。難しい???

13 Jan



The question “Is studying Japanese hard?”, is a question which dwells in the hearts of almost everybody lol. Well, It’s not just Japanese, but I think that learning any foreign language is probably difficult. However, the more you study a language, the easier it becomes. If you study seriously, then it is not that difficult. If you want to study a foreign language, then you have to dedicate yourself to studying, and you really have to concentrate on your studies! Having done that, you will then be able to learn any foreign language. So basically, yes the general view is that learning Japanese is difficult, but whether or not it’s difficult I think depends on your attitude to your Japanese studies. If you think it’s difficult, then it’s difficult. If you think it’s not difficult, then it’s not.

Simple. lol.

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

❤❤ 女子会!そして、一人の男!Girls Party! Plus, One Guy!!! lol ❤❤ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

8 Oct


I spent time with some of my Japanese friends (and my English friend also!) It was soooo much fun! We had a girls party! But there was also one guy! lol Please watch ne! ∪・ω・∪



Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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