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エイベックス・オーディション Avex Audition Max 2013!!!

13 Jan

avexWho wants to be a singer, actor, dancer or model? Well now you can if you win a contract with one of the biggest entertainment companies in Japan – Avex.

They are holding international auditions to find the next big star from places such as New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and from my own home town LONDON!!!

Entrants must be between 10-30 years old, can be both men and women, any nationality is welcome and you must be able to speak EITHER English or Japanese but I assume if you can speak both then it will be more of an advantage! haha.

The categories are – Singer, Dancer, Singer-songwriters, Actor, Actress and Model.

The deadline for applications is the 31st January 2013.

Check the site for more details! You can read in both English and Japanese!

Avex Audition 2013

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


HAPPY NEW YEAR 明けましておめでとうございます~~~★★★

1 Jan

happy new year

EVERYONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope 2013 is a joyous year full of love, success, wisdom and good health!! Remember to be nice and loving to anyone and everyone! Lots of big, juicy and warm love and kisses….Miss Dezzy xxx


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


25 Dec


I went to see Big Bang in concert on December 14th! I went to see their “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012“! Their concert was AMAZING!!! Enjoy watching the footage I took at the concert!!! THIS IS MY FILM! WATCH IN HD!!!
私は2012年12月14日にビッグバングのライブを見に行きました!「Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012」というツアを見に行きました!コンサートは最高でした!コンサートでは私が撮ったビデオを見るのを楽しみにして下さいね!私が撮ったフィルムは 私だけのフィルムです。ハイデフィニションで見てね~~!

Love Destiny Rose (Miss Dezzy) xxx

Big Bang 빅뱅 Alive Galaxy Tour 2012!!! ビッグバングのツアー2012年12月14日!

13 Dec
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu. All Rights Reserved.

I AM GOING TO SEE BIG BANG IN CONCERT!!! WOOOOOOO!!! I am still in shock! I love Big Bang!!! Big Bang are a massively popular five member South Korean boy band and I have listened to their music from when I was like 16 years old! lol. Therefore I was so excited when I knew that they were going on a worldwide tour! I can’t wait to see them tomorrow in concert! (Friday 14th December 2012). I will be going with my friend Dina who featured in one of my Youtube videos so check her out! lol. We are both excited! By the way, I will be making a video so stay tuned!!!! Also, just in case you are wondering, “Who is Destiny’s favourite Big Bang member??”, my favourite member is TAEYANG!!! Obviously!!! Woooo! Here is one of Taeyang’s videos “Where U At?”. I love Taeyang!!! **Faints** lool.

ねねね、私は明日ビッグバングのライブを見に行きまーす!きゃぁぁぁぁぁ~~~~!まだショック!(笑)ヤッホー!ビッグバングがめっちゃめっちゃ好き!大好き!ビッグバングは大人気の韓国の5人組のボーイバンドですよ。私は16歳の時からビッグバングの音楽を聞いていますわー。だから、ビッグバングは世界のツアーに出かけるって分かったら、超~~~わくわくしていました!明日はライブを見に行くのを楽しみにしていまーす。待てませーん。(2012年12月14日)ディーナと一緒にライブを見に行くわ。ディーナは私の友達ですよ。彼女はうちのユーチューブのビデオに出演しましたから、もし彼女のこと覚えてないなら、見てねー。(笑)私達はマジ興奮!因みにさ、私はビデオを作るつもりですから、楽しみにして下さいね!もし「デスティニさんの一番好きなメンバーは誰かなぁ~」と思ってるなら、私の一番好きなメンバーはテーヤングですよ!もちろん!これはテーヤングのミュージックビデオ「Where U At?」でーす。見てみてねー。テーヤングが大好き!**私、めまいがする~!** 爆笑。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


Hyper Japan Xmas 2012!!! ハイパージャパン2012年のクリスマス~~~!★ ☆ ★

3 Dec



I went to an event in London called “Hyper Japan Xmas 2012“! I went with three friends but only two of them appeared in the video lol. Anyway, here is the video! Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to click “Like” also subscribe to my Youtube channel! Haha! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

Japanese Events London 日本のイベント!!! ロンドン2012年!!!

29 Nov
  • Manga and Anime in Japanese! (9th December)

Read the popular manga “Bleach” in JAPANESE and take a copy home with you at the end! Also, watch the anime version in Japanese! You will increase and deepen your knowledge of Japanese manga and anime! This is aimed at upper beginners (JLPT N4). It will take place at the Japan Foundation!

Japan Foundation

  • Tomoyasu Hotei – Japanese rock guitar legend! (Dec 2012)

Tomoyasu Hotei is best known for the theme song “Battle Without Honor of Humanity” from Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”; and so if you would like the opportunity to see him in concert…you can!!! He will be performing at London’s Roundhouse this December! (Tomoyasu Hotei)

  • Flame and Water Pots! Prehistoric Ceramic Art! (Until 20th January 2013)

This is arguably a rare chance to see two magnificent prehistoric Japanese pots. Both pots have been excavated from the Iwanohara site in Nagaoka city; and are on rare loan from the Nagaoka Municipal Science Museum! You can gaze at both pots in the British Museum!

British Museum

  • Welcome Party for Tsunami Orphans! (18 Dec 2012)

Two girls will be welcomed from Japan – Kana (17) and Maria (11) – who both lost their parents and other members of their family in the tsunami. It has been planned that there will be a Japanese traditional dance and a Cosplay contest! Tickets are £10 and Advanced £8. For more details visit the site ne!

Aid in Japan

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

ジャパン祭り2012年10月ロンドン!!! Japan Matsuri 2012 London!!! きゃあぁ~! ❤ ❤

16 Oct


今月(10月)にロンドンにはジャパン祭りがありました!きゃあぁ~!^^ うちは二人の友達と一緒に行きました!一人のイギリス人と一人の日本人の友達 と一緒に行きました。めっちゃ楽しかったで!ジャパン祭りを楽しんだけど、人が多かったのだ!ほんまに!めっちゃ込んでた!人の海だったみたいや!(笑) それでも、めっちゃめっちゃおもろく楽しかったで!皆見てね!どうーぞ!^^

There was a Japanese festival in London! Yay!!! ^^ It was this month (October)! haha! Soooo, I went with two friends! One English friend and one Japanese friend! It was really fun!! We enjoyed it but there were TOOOO many people! Really there were! It was like a sea of people! Haha! Nevertheless, it was super interesting and really enjoyable! Please watch! Enjoy! ^^


Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

❤❤ 女子会!そして、一人の男!Girls Party! Plus, One Guy!!! lol ❤❤ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

8 Oct


I spent time with some of my Japanese friends (and my English friend also!) It was soooo much fun! We had a girls party! But there was also one guy! lol Please watch ne! ∪・ω・∪



Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

日本の家族からのプレゼントが届きました!きゃあぁ~!Presents From My Japanese Family Have Arrived!!! Yay! (*^3^)/~☆

28 Aug



Hey everyone! If you didn’t know, I have a Japanese family who live in Japan! Today, my present from my Japanese family has arrived! Yay! I still haven’t opened it yet so let’s open it together! yay! lol! In addition, these are pictures of my Japanese “Yunomi” cups! My Japanese dad made it especially for me! They are incredibly beautiful! I am so happy! Thank you dad!!! (^_^)

Copyright © Japaneze Jusu 2012

Copyright © Japaneze Jusu 2012

Copyright © Japaneze Jusu 2012

Copyright © Japaneze Jusu 2012

Japan Events, London. Aug-Sept 2012!!! 日本のイベント、ロンドン。2012年8月~9月!!!

17 Aug
  • Japanese From Scratch: Travel In Japan – 29th August 2012

This workshop is intended for those who haven’t started learning Japanese yet or who have just started! You will learn a lot throughout the evening including Japanese greetings & etiquette! Go to the Japan Foundation website to find out more!

Japan Foundation

  • The Games: Inspiring Images featuring Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba – Ends 15th September 2012

This is a major art exhibition which offers unique perspectives on the London 2012 Olympics from world renowned artists! Including Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba who has exhibited across Europe, Asia and North America! More info found on the website!

Tent London

  • JAZZ+JAPAN – 30th August 2012

Jazz+Japan is a fundraising event for the Japanese orphans from the Great East Japan Earthquake. This is a musical evening full of Japanese influenced jazz!

Address: Jazz On The Hill, 214-216 Railton Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0JT;

Price: £8 (£6 concession) Doors: 7pm, Start: 7:30pm.

  • Tokyo 1964 – Ends 7th September 2012

This is an exhibition held at the Embassy of Japan which takes a look into 1964 Tokyo; the city that hosted the Games of the XVIII Olympiad! It looks at some of the graphic, technological and iconic architectural designs at the time! Plus much more! Go to the website to find out more!

Embassy of Japan

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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