Miura Daichi 三浦大知 “I’m On Fire” – New Single & Album!!!

3 Nov

miura daichiMiura Daichi is set to release a new album on November 20th “The Entertainer“. WOOOOOO!!! I am so excited! I love Miura Daichi haha! I wanna see him live!! Anyway, here is his latest single “I’m on Fire” which I really like. The song is catchy, he looks good and his dancing is on point as usual. Miura Daichi is so sick he should be more famous than he is! haha! I am waiting for November 20th! hehe

三浦大知のニューアルバム「The Entertainer」が20日11月に発売されます。よかった!!!!ちょ~わくわくしています!三浦大知がすごい大好き彼のライブを見に行きたいなぁ~w とにかく、これが新曲「I’m On Fire」です。この曲がめっちゃ好きです。曲もキャッチーだし三浦大も格好いいし踊りも上手いよ。三浦大知がやばいです!もっと有名になればいいのに。20日11月を待っています!ははは

Love, Miss Dezzy コイを込めて、デッジーより xxx

2 Responses to “Miura Daichi 三浦大知 “I’m On Fire” – New Single & Album!!!”

  1. Cherish November 11, 2013 at 8:05 am #

    *SCREAMS* He’s done it again he’s pulled off flawless dance moves a great song and I beth the album will be good too. I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve seen him do new stuff although I’ve been paying much attention to him on FB. He’s literally been all over Japan. I’ve MISSED YOU MIURA DAICHI!

    Thanks for posting this Dezzy! Yay he’s back!

    • missdezzy November 20, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

      Hahaha! Yup! We all love Miura! haha! Can’t wait to listen to the new album! I swear though he needs to come to London and do a concert! What is going on Cherish?! lol xxx

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