Primary 프라이머리 – “Question Mark 물음표” (Feat. Choiza of Dynamic Duo & Zion.T) ~~~❤❤

3 Nov

Producer Primary, has just released his latest album “Primary and the Messengers LP” in which he has collaborated with many artists and rappers! This album is soooooo good! I love Primary so I have already listened to the album! It was amazing! It includes some old tracks and also some new ones. For example, the song “Question Mark” featuring Choiza and of course Zion.T!!!!! I love the video! I think it’s simple but interesting!! The song is also amazing. I love it and I love Zion.T so check it out!!

プロデューサーPrimaryは最新のアルバム「Primary and the Messengers LP」発売したばかりだ。多くのアーティストとラッパーとコラボした。このアルバムはとーーーってもいい!Primaryが大好きだから、このアルバムはもう聞いた!全て聞いた!素晴らしかった!古い曲と新しい曲が入ってる。アルバムには。例えば、「Question Mark」という新曲。フィーチャリングChoizaZion.T。当たり前。笑。ビデオが大好き。シンプルけど面白いと思う。曲も素晴らしい。Zion.Tも大好き!笑。見てみてね。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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