DOUBLE “Call Me” – Old Skool Japanese RnB~~~ ★★

3 Nov

DOUBLE is a Japanese RnB artist. I was so happy when I discovered her! DOUBLE is a really good RnB artist who makes really good and catchy music but I don’t think that she is very famous in Japan. She did collaborate with Namie Amuro for the song “Black Diamond” but I still think that she is not so well known. “Call Me” was the first song which I heard and when I heard this song, I started to have an interest in her music. Although she released her latest album “Woman” last year, I don’t think that she has released anything since……Anyway check out the song “Call Me”!!!

DOUBLEは日本出身のRnB歌手。発見して嬉しかったわ!DOUBLEはとってもいいRnBのアーティストだよ。キャッチーでいい音楽いつも作ってるけど、日本ではそんなに有名じゃないと思う。「Black Diamond」のため安室 奈美恵とコラボしたのに、DOUBLEはまだ有名じゃないと思う。「Call Me」ははじめて聞いた曲だ。聞いたら、DOUBLEの音楽に興味生まれた。昨年に「Woman」というアルバムリリースしたのに、あの時から何もリリースしてないと思う。。。とにかく、「Call Me」見てみてー!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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