Jewelry “Look At Me” – Korean Pop & Live Performance~~ ♪♫

14 Oct

Jewelry are a four member girl band! Their music is OK. lol. This is their latest music video and song “Look At Me“. The song is catchy, I must admit. However, it’s just OK and I don’t really like the music video. Nevertheless, everyone likes a catchy song right?! Anyway, check out the video and the live performance! ^^

ジュエリーは4人組女性のバンド。ジュエリーの音楽はぼちぼち。笑。「Look At Me」は最新のミュージックビデオと新曲。実は、曲がキャッチーだよ。然し、曲もぼちぼちだけだし、ビデオもあんまり好きじゃないし。それでも、皆がキャッチーな曲が好きなんだろうね??兎に角、ビデオチェックしてね!ライブもね!^^

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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