STi “잠실귀요미” – New MV!!!

13 Sep


韓国の音楽の時間や!STiは私の好きな歌手や。 「잠실귀요미」は彼の最新のミュージックビデオ。曲は言うまでもなくビデオも好きだし。曲とビデオが楽しくビデオにアニメが混じったから好き!ビデオがシンプルだけど、それが好き!韓国語を理解すれば良いのに!ハングルも読めば良いのに!(笑)まぁ、韓国語が分からなくても、ビデオを見ただけでビデオの話が分かってきた!(笑)

Korean music time! STi is a singer who I like! 잠실귀요미 is his newest music video! I like the video no to mention the song! The song and the video are fun and I like that cartoons are mixed into the video! The video is simple but I like that! I wish I could understand Korean! lol. I also wish I could read hangul! lol. Well, even if I can’t understand Korean, just by watching the video I came to understand the story! lol 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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