Teen Top & Eru Performances On Music Bank!!!

10 Aug

Teen Top appeared on the programme “Music Bank” and performed their new single “Be Ma Girl” and Eru performed his new single “I Hate You“. “I Hate You” is included on his new album “Feel Brand New Part.2“. I like both performances! I don’t particularly like “Be Ma Girl” but I thought the performance was good! lol Anyway, check it out lol

Teen Topは「ミュージックバンク」に出演して曲「Be Ma Girl」を歌って演技した!Eruも出演して曲「I hate You」を歌って演技した!「I Hate You」が新しいアルバム「Feel Brand New Part 2」には入ってる!二つのパフォーマンスが好きだ!「Be Ma Girl」があんまり好きじゃないけど、パフォーマンスがいいなぁと思ってた!(笑)兎に角、見てね!どうぞー!:)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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