BRIGHT “BRIGHT BEST” – Best of Album New Future Release!!!

29 Jul

4 member pop group “BRIGHT” are going to release their new best of album “BRIGHT BEST” on August 22nd!!! Wooo! lol. They are going to make this album by including their music over the years since their debut in the year 2008! In addition, the newest song “Forever” ft. Yuya Matsushita and the music video for “Koigokoro” will also be included in the album! I really like this group! They make catchy music, they make good music, and I like their energy! Check out “Forever”!

4人組ポップグループBRIGHTの最新のアルバム「BRIGHT BEST」が8月22日に発売される!2008年デビュー以来、多年の音楽を含めて、アルバムを作る!それに、アルバムには新曲[Forever feat.松下優也]と「恋心」のミュージックビデオも入る!このグループが凄く好きだ!キャッチーな音楽も作るし、いい音楽も作るし、グループの活気も好きだ!「Forever]のビデオを見てね!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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