Angel “Wonderful” – New UK Music Release!!! 新しいイギリスの音楽!!!

29 Jul

English artist “Angel” is a fresh face on the music scene! He made his debut in March of this year and released the song “Go In, Go Hard” ft. Wretch 32! However, “Wonderful” is his latest single which is going to be released in the UK on July 30th! Tomorrow! I actually like this song! It’s catchy, the beat is really good and the video is simple but nice! I think it’s a really good song so check it out! His voice is really nice too! haha! Check out the video “Wonderful“!!!

イギリス人のアーティスト「エンジェル」はミュージックシーンの新人だ!今年の3月にデビューして、デビュー曲「Go In, Go Hard ft. Wretch 32」が発売された!然し、新曲「ワンダフル」が7月30日にロンドンで発売される!明日だ!この曲が好き!キャッチーだし、ビートも非常にいいし、ビデオもシンプルで素敵だ!私はこの曲が本当にいいと思うから、聞いて!彼の歌声も凄く素敵だ!(笑)「ワンダフル」のミュージックビデオ見てー!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

One Response to “Angel “Wonderful” – New UK Music Release!!! 新しいイギリスの音楽!!!”

  1. Cherish October 18, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    I actually like this song. It is catchy and very urban. I hope he does well in the UK.

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