Tofu, Veg & Rice!!! 豆腐, 野菜&飯!!! (ヘルシーが一番!!! lol)

11 Jul
Copyright 2012 © Japaneze Jusu

Copyright 2012 © Japaneze Jusu


This is food which I made!!! You know, because I like things which are good for your health, everytime I cook I use healthy ingredients! From a long long time ago, I have always been in love with tofu! Even now I am still in love! Tofu lacks taste but if you add various seasonings then taste is suddenly born! It’s like magic! Anyway, what did I make? I didn’t just make delicious tofu, I also made vegetables and rice! For the vegetables, I used onions, broccoli and carrots! In addition, chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes were also included! As for the rice, it was simply brown rice! Brown rice! Finally, because I like cute things, using the onions and the tofu, I changed the rice into a smiley face! haha! I’m glad that it was all delicious! Healthy food is the best! lol 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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