Misha B – “Home Run” New Future UK Release!!!

5 Jul

ミーシャビーが大好きだ!彼女の歌声が素晴らしいと思って才能がたくさんあるとも思います!「X-Factor」っていう喉自慢大会に出たら勝たなかったけど、レコード契約を貰ったと知ってた!「Home Run」っていう曲が凄く好き!楽しい曲で聴くたびに曲に合わせて踊りたいよ!大好き!聞いてね!この曲がイギリスで7月15日発売される!

I love Misha B!!! I think she has an amazing singing voice and I think she has a lot of talent! She didn’t win the singing competition “X-Factor” but I knew that she would receive a record deal! I do really like her song “Home Run!” It is a fun song and everytime I listen to it I want to dance to it! I love it! Enjoy! This song is going to be released in the UK on July 15th!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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