AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It” EP – New UK Release!!!

22 Jun

AlunaGeorgeは二人とも英吉利のアーティストだよ!AlunaはボーカリストでGeorgeは音楽を作る人だ。このデュオは「You Know You Like It」っていうイーピーをリリースしたばかりだ!これは「You Know You Like It」っていうミュージックビデオだよ!この曲が凄く大好き!本間に!はじめて聞いたら、「この曲に恋をしてる」って言わんばかりの顔をしてた!ビートが大好きでAlunaの歌声も大好きだ!それに、ビデオはとってもシンプルっていう事実が好きだ!素晴らしい曲!聞いてみてね!

AlunaGeorge are British artists!!! Aluna is the singer and George is the guy who makes the music! This duo has just released the EP “You Know You Like It” and here is the music video for the song “You Know You Like It”. I really love this song! Really I do! When I heard it for the first time I made a face as if to say “I am in love with this song!” I love the beat and I love her voice! In addition, I love the fact that the video is really simple! Great song! Take a listen! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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